In this section, you will find EVERY review published on this blog.
Considering that the history of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine is at this point enough long, you will have fun to understand the absurd differences between a 2010 review and another one written in these days. In fact, in 2010 I was able to write articles literally interminable also about very short demos, and still today I wonder why I used to write these useless novels! But also these reviews belong to the story of this 'zine, so I prefer to leave them here.
It's enough remarkable the presence of some reviews about non-extreme metal genres like Nu Metal (er...yes, unfortunately!) or Alternative Rock. The fact is that, in the past years, Timpani allo Spiedo followed a bit more open-minded politics accepting very particular exceptions while now the zine is about Extreme Old-School Metal and related genres.
Now, a clarification: for the truth, the reviews written are a bit more than the ones present into the following list. In fact, here there aren't some reviews published at the time in which Timpani allo Spiedo was still an email 'zine into its 6 very primitive issues. Some of them were effectively published on these pages (Final Thrash, Masturbacion Cristiana...) but it isn't the same for other ones (like the review about the first demo of Profanal or about the second album of Irreverence).


['selvɘ] - "DOMA" (2018, Post-Black Metal) (in English)


A Buried Existence - "Ferocity" (2008, Death Metal/Metalcore) (in Italian)
A Buried Existence - "The Dying Breed" (2010, Death Metal/Metalcore) (in Italian)
A Fora de Arrastu - "A Fora de Arrastu/Affluente" (2019, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
A Total Wall - "Incide" (2011, Messhuggah-style) (in Italian)
Ab Noctem - "Promo EP 2009" (2009, Folk Black Metal) (in Italian)
Abatuar - "Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta" (2017, Grinding Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Abhorrence - "Totally Vulgar: Live at Tuska Open Air 2013" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Abigail - "Intercourse & Lust" (1996, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Abigail - "The Final Damnation" (2016, Black/Speed/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Abomination - "Abomination" (1990, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Abominator - "Evil Proclaimed" (2015, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Absentia Lunae - "Vorwärts" (2014, Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Absvrdist - "Illusory" (2012, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Abysmal Grief - "Feretri" (2013, Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Abysme - "Strange Rites" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Abyssal - "Denouement" (2012, Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Abyssal Flames - "Carnal Devastation" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Acedia Mundi - "Speculum Humanae Salvationis" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Acherontas - "Ma IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification" (2015, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Acheronte - "Genesis of Evil" (2012, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Acheronte - "Son of No God" (2018, Brutal Black Metal) (in English)
Acrimonious - "Eleven Dragons" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Ad Noctem Funeriis - "Italian Black Metal Assault" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Adragard - "From the Burning Mist" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Aegrus - "Thy Numinous Darkness" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Affluente - "A Fora de Arrastu/Affluente" (2019, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Agathocles - "Commence to Mince" (2016, Anarcho-Grindcore) (in English)
Agatus - "The Eternalist" (2016, Heavy/Black Metal) (in English)
Aggressive Mutilator - "Det djävlanästet" (2018, Punkish Black Metal) (in English)
Agonia Black Vomit - "Cosmosatanic Kingdom" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Agos - "Aonian Invocation" (2018, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Airborn - "Lizard Secrets: Part One - Land of the Living" (2018, Power Metal) (in English)
All My Sins - "Lunar/Solar" (2017, Melodic Black Metal) (in English)
All My Sins - "Zov iz Magle" (2018, Melodic Black Metal) (in English)
All My Sins - "Pra sila - Vukov totem" (2018, Melodic Black Metal) (in English)
Ammonal - "Beginning the End of Everything" (2010, Progressive Death Metal) (in Italian)
Amoclen - "Diagnosis: Grindcore" (2018, Grindcore) (in English)
Angel Death - "Death to Christianity" (1987, Ultra-Primitive Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Angrrsth - "Znikąd" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Anima Damnata - "Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast" (2017, Brutal Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Animus Infirmus - "Nell'odio" (2009, NSBM) (in Italian)
Antigama - "Meteor" (2013, Death/Grindcore) (in English)
Antiquus Infestus - "The Cult of Ra" (2012, Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Antiquus Infestus - "The Order of the Star of Bethlehem" (2012, Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Apatheia - "Konstelacja dziur" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Apes of God - "Procession of Death" (2019, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Aposthate - "Catharsis/Raebellion" (2010, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Arcanum Inferi - "Ars Hermetica" (2012, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Arkaid - "Crematoria" (2018, Dark Metal) (in English)
Armaroth - "False Vision" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
As the Monster Becomes - "Renascentia" (2013. Technical Death Metal) (in Italian)
Ascended Dead - "Abhorrent Manifestation" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Ascension - "The Dead of the World" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Asgath - "Hopes Choked Under a Blackened Sky" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Atomic Aggressor - "Sights of Suffering" (2014, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Atrament - "Scum Sect" (2018, Crusty Death Metal) (in English)
Automb - "Esoterica" (2018, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Autotheism - "CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh" (2018, Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Awrizis - "Dreadful Reflection" (2018, Melodic Death Metal) (in English)
Ayyur - "The Lunatic Creature" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Azure Emote - "The Gravity of Impermanence" (2013, Avantgarde Death Metal) (in English)


Backjumper - "Scorpion Democracy" (2018, Hardcore Punk/Stoner) (in English)
Backtheory - "Don't Throw Out the Window" (2011, Nu Metal) (in Italian)
Bahal - "Ikelos" (2010, Technical Black/Thrash Metal (in Italian)
Banned from Hell - "Nightmare" (2012, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Barathrum - "Fanatiko" (2017, Black/Doom Metal) (in English)
Barbaric Horde - "Tainted Impurity" (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Bastardös - "Bastardös" (2015, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Battleaxe - "Burn This Town" (1983, NWOBHM) (in Italian)
Beasts of Torah - "Demo 2009" (2009, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Bestial Carnage - "Bestial Carnage Demo 2007" (2007, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Bestial Invasion - "Contra Omnes" (2017, Technical Thrash Metal) (in English)
Bestial Mutilation - "Entwined Within the Realms of Death" (2013, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Bestial Warlust - "Storming Bestial Legions - Live '96" (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
The Beyond - "Decaying Death EP" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Bifrost - "Dance of the Evanescent" (2013, Extreme Progressive Metal) (in Italian)
Bioscrape - "Exp. Zeroone" (2012, Groove Metal/NYHC) (in Italian)
Black Blood Invocation - "Black Blood Invocation" (2017, Occult/Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Black Ceremonial Kult - "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Black Ceremonial Kult - "Unapproachable Laws of the Abyss" (2018, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Black Cilice - "Mysteries" (2015, Noisy Black Metal) (in Italian)
Black Cilice - "Nocturnal Mysticism" (2016, Noisy Black Metal) (in English)
Black Cilice - "Banished from Time" (2017, Noisy Black Metal) (in English)
Black Faith - "Jubilate Diabolo Promo" (2010, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Black Faith - "Jubilate Diabolo" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Black Faith - "Nightscapes" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Black Rock - "Arcane Remorseless" (2018, First Wave of Black Metal) (in English)
The Black Sorcery - "Wolven Degrade" (2019, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Black Therapy - "Through This Path" (2010, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Black Therapy - "Echoes of Dying Memories" (2019, Melodic Death Metal) (in English)
Black Witchery - "Upheaval of Satanic Might" (2005, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Black Witchery - "Evil Shall Prevail" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Blake's Vengeance - "7747-7744" (2016, Techno-Thrash/Heavy Metal) (in English)
Blasphemous Noise Torment - "Ancient Insignias" (2011, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Blaspherit - "Fallen Oath of Black Doom" (2011, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Bleeding Void of Utter Mysticism - "Insubstantial Depths" (2010, Drone/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Blessed Dead - "Secret of Resurrection" (2010, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Blessed Dead - "Sick Human Essence" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Blessed Dead - "Promo 2013" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Blood Feast - "The Future State of Wicked" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Bloodshed - "After Midnight" (2008, Symphonic Black Metal) (in Italian)
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid - "The Apocryphal Paths of the 8th Vitriolic Transcendence" (2019, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Bloodtruth - "Promo 2012" (2012, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Bodhum - "Extremo" (2011, Grindcore) (in Italian)
Bölzer - "Hero" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Buckshot Facelift - "Ulcer Island" (2017, Grindcore) (in English)
Buffalo Grillz - "Manzo Criminale" (2012, Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Bunker 66 - "Out of the Bunker" (2009, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Bunker 66/Morbo - "Into the Morbid Bunker" (2016, Black/Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Burning Nitrum - "Pyromania" (2012, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Byblis - "Princeps Malis Generis" (2011, Black Metal) (in Italian)


Candura - "/I" (2018, Drone/Black Noise) (in English)
Carnal Gore - "Promo 2009" (2009, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Carnal Gore - "Etrom" (2011, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Catechon - "Italian Black Metal Assault" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Cemento - "Vite" (2011, Mathcore) (in Italian)
Cenotaph - "Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions" (2017, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Chaos Plague - "Chaos Plague" (2012, Techno-Death Metal) (in Italian)
Chaos Synopsis - "Gods of Chaos" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Clinicamente Morti - "7" (2007, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Cold Aenima - "The Shade Has Fallen" (2010, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Cold Empire - "From the Ashes of the Empire" (2010, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Colonnelli - "Come Dio Comanda" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Comatose - "The Ungodly Lamentations" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Corpse Garden - "IAO 269" (2017, Experimental Death Metal) (in English)
Corpsefucking Art - "Splatterphobia" (2018, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Cretin - "Stranger" (2014, Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Cripple Bastards - "La fine cresce da dentro" (2018, Grindcore) (in English)
Cripta Oculta - "Cripta Oculta" (2017, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Crisis Benoit - "Icon of Violence" (2018, Grindcore/Power Violence) (in Italian)
Cronaxia - "Collapsing the Outer Structure" (2018, Technical Death Metal) (in English)
Crowned in Thorns - "Plague/Oblivion" (2010, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Crowned in Thorns - "Carved from the Ashes" (2012, Occult Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Crucifixion - "Paths Less Taken"/"Raising the Dead" (2019, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Cruentator - "Ain't War Hell?" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Crurifragium - "Beasts of the Temple of Satan" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Cryptic Brood - "Brain Eater" (2017, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Cult of Extinction - "Black Nuclear Magic Attack" (2018, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Cult of the Horns - "Chapter I - Domination" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Cursed Scrolls - "Dunkel Hexenkunst" (2012, Black Metal) (in English)


Dalkhu - "Lamentation and Ardent Fire" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Dark Confessions - "Insanity" (2012, Deathcore) (in Italian)
Dark Paranoia - "Dark Paranoia" (2009, Depressive Black Metal) (in Italian)
Dark Season - "Cruel Domination" (2011, Extreme Melodic Metal) (in Italian)
Dead Bread - "Hatred Slice" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Deadly Carnage - "Sentieri II - Ceneri" (2011, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Deadly Carnage - "Chasm" (2016, Post-Black Metal) (in English)
Deadly Kiss - "Alone in the Void" (2012, Groove Metal) (in Italian)
Death by Fungi - "Die in Bombay" (2019, Hardcore Punk) (in English)
Death Worship - "Extermination Mass" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Deathtale - "The Origin of Hate" (2018, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Deathwork - "Three Gates to Death" (2012, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Decrepitaph - "Forgotten Scriptures - The Collection" (2012, Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Definite - "Your Hell" (2018, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Degragore - "From Sin to Redemption" (2018, Slamming Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Dehumanization - "Swallowed by Eternity" (2011, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Dekapited - "Sin misericordia" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Demoncy - "Joined in Darkness" (1999, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Demonic Obedience - "Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation" (2018, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Desekryptor - "Desekryptor/Draghkar split" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Desolator - "Unearthly Monument" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Detestor - "In the Circle of Time" (1995, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Devastator - "Underground 'n' Roll" (2009, Thrash'n'Roll) (in Italian)
Devastator - "Andatevene tutti affanculo!" (2011, Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Devathorn - "Vritra" (2015, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Dhole - "Dove mitigano i dubbi e nascono credenze" (2018, Screamo/Post-Rock/Shoegaze) (in Italian)
Dig Me No Grave - "Immemorial Curse" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Diocletian - "Doom Cult" (2009, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Disabled/Warpeace - "Disabled/Warpeace split" (2011, Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Discordant Hemispheres - "Inferno+Paradiso" (2017, Progressive Death Metal) (in English)
Discordant Hemispheres - "(24) Dicembre" (2017, Prog Metal) (in English)
Disease - "Stream of Disillusion" (2011, Extreme Progressive Metal) (in Italian)
Disgorge - "Cognitive Lust of Mutilation" (1992, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Division VIII - "Division VIII" (2011, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Dormant Ordeal - "It Rains, It Pours" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Dr. Gore - "Rigor(e) Mortis (2008, Brutal Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Dr. Gore - "Rotting Remnants" (2012, Brutal Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Draghkar - "World Unraveled" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Draghkar - "Desekryptor/Draghkar split" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Draghkar - "The Endless Howling Abyss" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Draugsól - "Volaða Land" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Dripping Sin - "Crimson Lies" (2016, Thrash/Stoner'n'Roll) (in English)
Druj - "Chants to Irkalla" (2018, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)


E.G.O.C.I.D.E. - "Chapter One: Cheap Existentialism and Other Rhetorical Bullshits No One Wants to Hear Anymore" (2018, Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Eco del Baratro - "Azione" (2013, Post-Punk) (in Italian)
Edgeflame - "Beyond the Pale Carcass" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Eggs of Gomorrh - "Outpregnate" (2019, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Egomass - "Estreme Conseguenze" (2009, Techno-Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Eigengrau - "Sentence" (2018, Noise/Black Metal) (in English)
Ekpyrosis - "Asphyxiating Devotion" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Elitaria - "NGC 666 - New Galaxies Catalogue" (2009, Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Eloa Vadaath - "A Bare Reminiscence of Infected Wonderlands" (2010, Extreme Progressive Metal) (in Italian)
Embrace of Thorns - "Atonement Ritual" (2009, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Engulfed - "Through the Eternal Damnation" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Eternal Rot - "Cadaverine" (2018, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Evil Cosby - "Ridursi al Niente" (2017, Sludge/Punk-HC) (in English)
Evil Nerfal - "Bellum Est Pater Omnium" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Exciter - "Heavy Metal Maniac" (1983, Speed Metal) (in Italian)
Exodia - "Slow Death" (2012, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Exterminate - "Anathemas of Galaxies and Time" (2012, Technical Death Metal) (in Italian)
Extinction Remains - "Smog" (2019, Crusty Death/Doom Metal) (in English)


Fallen Fucking Angels - "Sign of the Razor" (2015, Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Fankàz - "Burning Leaves of Empty Fawns" (2013, Melodic and Progressive HC Punk) (in Italian)
Fatal Curse - "Breaking the Trance" (2019, Heavy/Speed Metal) (in English)
Faust - "From Glory to Infinity" (2009, Techno-Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Feed Them Death - "No Solution/Dissolution" (2018, Death/Grindcore) (in English)
Felis Catus - "Answers to Human Hypocrisy" (2018, Experimental Black Metal) (in Italian)
Fervent Hate - "Tales of Hate, Chaos and Lust" (2018, Death'n'Roll) (in English)
Fetor - "No Poems Just Slam" (2018, Slamming Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Fides Inversa - "Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Fides Inversa - "Rite of Inverse Incarnation" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Final Cut - "Jackhammer" (2019, Blues/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Final Thrash - "No Way Out" (2006, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Final Thrash - "In the Basement" (2008, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
First Reason - "Never Give Up!" (2009, Metalcore) (in Italian)
Força Macabra - "25 Anos Na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Tùmulo Ainda" (2016, Thrashcore) (in English)
Foreseen - "Grave Danger" (2017, Thrashcore) (in English)
Formis - "Chaozium" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Forteresse - "Thèmes pour la Rébellion" (2016, Black Metal/MNQ) (in English)
Fosch - "Ghèra Ona Oltà" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Funeral Oration - "Come Here with Us..." (1990, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Funeral Winds - "Sinister Creed" (2018, Brutal Black Metal) (in English)


Galera - "Roma Isterica" (2012, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Galera - "Sanguine" (2015, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Game Over - "Heavy Damage" (2009, Speed/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Gargoyle - "Reborn in Blasphemy" (2016, Doom Metal) (in English)
Garhelenth - "About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Geisterfels - "La névrose de la pierre" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Genocide Beast/Black Ceremonial Kult - "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Ghouls - "Until It Bleeds" (2008, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Glacial Fear - "Frames" (1997, Extreme Industrial Metal) (in Italian)
Gloomy Grim - "Fuck the World, War is War!" (2018, Symphonic Black Metal) (in English)
Gnida - "S.Y.F." (2012, Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore) (in English)
Goat Semen - "Ego Svm Satana" (2015, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Goatblood - "Veneration of Armageddon" (2016, Grinding Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Goatchrist 666 - "Desecration of Virgin" (2011, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Goatfuck - "Worth Only Buried" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Goatmoon - "Stella Polaris" (2017, Folk/Black Metal) (in English)
Godless Enthropia - "Tetracyclic Dominion" (2018, Technical Progressive Death Metal) (in English)
Gökböri - "Erlik" (2017, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Gonoreas - "Minotaur" (2018, Heavy Metal) (in English)
Gouge - "Beyond Death" (2015, Punkish Death Metal) (in Italian)
Granada - "Sincronizado" (2017, Thrashcore/Groove Metal) (in English)
Grand Theft Age - "Years of Fury" (2016, Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
GraveCoven - "Coughing Blood" (2018, Black/Doom Metal) (in English)
Gravewards - "Subconscious Lobotomy" (2017, Mid-tempo Death Metal) (in English)
Gremory - "In Nomine Martis" (2007, Symphonic Black Metal) (in Italian)
Grevia - "Misophonic" (2019, Death/Grindcore) (in English)
Grimorium Verum - "Opus Delusion Intravenous" (2018, Blackened Death Metal) (in English)
Gruzja - "I iść dalej" (2019, Experimental Black Metal) (in English)


Hak-Ed Damm - "Holocaust Over Dresden" (2017, Brutal Black Metal) (in English)
Handful of Hate - "Hierarchy 1999" (1999, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Harmdaud - "Skärvor" (2019, Melodic Black Metal) (in Italian)
Harvest Gulgaltha - "I" (2012, Occult Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Hekata - "Ruin" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Hell United - "Aura Damage" (2012, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Hellavista - "Robolution" (2018, Groove/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Hellbastard - "Sons of Bitches" (2012, Mid-tempo Thrash Metal) (in English)
Hellfire Deathcult - "Black Death Terroristic Onslaught" (2018, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Hellias - "Eight Cardinal Sins" (2017, Dark Thrash Metal) (in English)
Hello Bastards - "Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards" (2017, Power Violence) (in English)
Heresiarch - "Incursions" (2019, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Hereza - "I Become Death" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Herida Profunda - "Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards" (2017, Grindcore) (in English)
Hic Iacet - "The Cosmic Trance Into the Void" (2015, Occult Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Hierophant - "Spawned Abortions" (2018, Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Hieros Gamos - "The Sounds of Doom (The Ancestral Myths)" (2007, Oriental Black Metal) (in Italian)
Hieros Gamos - "Bionic Era of Psychosis" (2011, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Hobnailed - "Inhuman Doomsday Scenario" (2010, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Holocausto - "War Metal Massacre" (2017, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Holycide - "Annihilate...then Ask!" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Horrorscope - "Altered Worlds Practice" (2017, Thrash/Groove Metal) (in English)
Horned Almighty - "World of Tombs"(2014, Black'n'Roll) (in Italian)
Horrifying - "Euphoric Existence" (2013, Death Metal ) (in English)
Howling in the Fog - "Drained from Suicidal Thoughts" (2010, Depressive Black Metal) (in Italian)
Hybridized - "Mental Connections" (2018, Groove/Thrash Metal) (in English)


Iblis - "Adveniat Regnum Tuum" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Illogicist - "The Unconsciousness of Living" (2011, Techno-Death Metal) (in Italian)
Illum Adora - "Remnants of a Flaming Past" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Immense Decay - "Combat Thrash" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Inculter - "Persisting Devolution" (2015, Blackened Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Indemnity - "Bloody Minded Bullet Headed" (2017, Thrashcore) (in English)
Indesiderium - "Of Twilight and Evenfall..." (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Infamous - "Abisso" (2013, Depressive Black Metal) (in Italian)
Infatuation of Death - "Code of Impiety" (2016, Death Metal) (in English)
Infernal Angels - "Midwinter Blood" (2009, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Infernal Angels - "Pestilentia" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Infernal Angels - "Italian Black Metal Assault" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Infernal Blast - "Wolves Elitism Speech" (2017, Brutal Black Metal) (in English)
Inferno (CZE) - "Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Inferno (SPA) - "Basado en hechos reales" (2019, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Injector - "Stone Prevails" (2018, Technical Thrash Metal) (in English)
Insanity - "Live Rehearsal Demo" (1985, Proto-Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Insulters - "Metal Still Means Danger" (2017, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Into Darkness - "Into Darkness" (2012, Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Invocation of Death - "Into the Labyrinth of Chaos" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Irae/Moribund - "Our Worship to Epidemic Suicide and Death of the World" (2016, Black Metal) (in English)
Iron Reagan - "The Tyranny of Will" (2014, Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Irreverence - "Upon These Ashes" (2010, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Istengoat - "MMXII" (2012, Black Metal) (in English)


Jaguar - "Power Games" (1983, NWOBHM/Speed Metal) (in Italian)
Joyless Jokers - "Taste of Victory" (2011, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Juggernaut - "Out of the Ashes" (2017, Modern Metal) (in English)


Kalt Vindur - "Delusions" (2017, Progressive Black/Doom Metal) (in English)
Kataplexy - "Promo 2012" (2012, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Kess'khtak - "Unwritten Rules Prevail" (2018, Death Metal/Grindcore) (in English)
Kenòs - "X - Torsion" (2010, Avantgarde Death Metal) (in Italian)
Kerasphorus - "Kerasphorus" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Khous - "Geroaren haziak" (2018, Melodic Metalcore) (in English)
Kinestence - "Transmutation" (2019, Industrial Death Metal) (in English)
Kingdom - "Morbid Priest of the Supreme Blasphemy" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Krashing - "Disinterment 198-1993" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Kremlin - "Decimation of the Elites" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Krigere Wolf - "Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf" (2014, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Kult of Taurus - "Divination Labyrinths" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
The KuntautCult - "From the Pits..." (2000, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)


La Nuit - "Demotape" (2011, Alternative Crepuscular Rock) (in Italian)
Lamiera - "To the Truth" (2010, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Land of Hate - "Neutralized Existence" (2009, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Last Cold Crash - "Origini della Forma: Elefanti e Girondini" (2009, Progressive Punk/HC) (in Italian)
The Last Oblation - "Ante Ruinam" (2018, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Last Resistance - "A World Painted Grey" (2017, Melodic Metalcore) (in English)
Last Rites - "Nemesis" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Lectern - "Deheadment for Betrayal" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Leech - "Cyanide Christ" (2013, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Left in Ruins - "Left in Ruins" (2011, Power Violence) (in Italian)
Left in Ruins - "Breathless, Restless, Hopeless" (2012, Power Violence) (in Italian)
Legacy - "First Assault" (2011, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Let the World Die - "At the Road of Ruin" (2012, Reggae RABM) (in Italian)
Lilyum - "Fear Tension Cold" (2010, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Lilyum - "Crawling in the Past" (2010, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Lilyum - "Nothing is Mine" (2011, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Lilyum - "Human Void" (2012, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Lilyum - "Altar of Fear" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Liturgy of Desecration - "And the Goat of Sodomy Commands..." (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Lubricant - "Swallow This" (2017, Death'n'Roll) (in English)
Lykhaeon - "Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls" (2018, Black/Doom Metal) (in English)


Macabre Enslaver - "Le Sporche Strade della Mente" (2013, Dark Ambient/Noise/Unblack Metal) (in Italian)
Maelstrom - "The Passage" (2012, Post-Metal) (in Italian)
Maelstrom - "Change of Season" (2012, Post-Metal) (in Italian)
I Maiali - "Cvlto" (2019, Post-Hardcore/Noise) (in English)
Malauriu - "Morte" (2018, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Male Misandria - "Volizione" (2008, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Male Misandria - "E.DIN" (2011, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Malichor - "Nightmares and Abominations" (2018, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Malignant Asceticism - "Ascensum Serpens" (2013, Black Metal) (in English)
Mantide - "Eyes in the Jar" (2011, Extreme Heavy Metal) (in Italian)
Masachist - "Scorned" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Mascharat - "Mascharat" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Mass Obliteration - "Abrahamitic Curse" (2009, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Mass Obliteration - "Fratricide" (2009, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Mass Obliteration - "Auschwitz EP" (2011, Noise) (in Italian)
Massgrav - "Still the Kings" (2012, Grindcore/Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Master of Cruelty - "Archaic Visions of the Underworld" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Masturbacion Cristiana - "Devastando Cristianos" (2008, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Means of Control - "Cena zbawienia" (2018, Crust/Grindcore) (in English)
Medico Peste - "Herzogian Darkness" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Mefitic - "Signing the Servants of God" (2009, Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Mefitica - "Vessazione Cronica" (2018, Crust/Grindcore) (in English)
Megascavenger - "Descent Into Yuggoth" (2012, Mid-tempo Death Metal) (in Italian)
Mentor - "Cults, Crypts and Corpses" (2018, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Midnight - "Shox of Violence" (2017, Black/Speed Metal) (in English)
Midnight - "Sweet Death and Ecstasy"  (2017, Heavy/Black/Speed Metal) (in English)
Minas Ithil/Rohes Fleisch - "Melt Soul to Blood" (2012, Atmospheric/Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Misrule - "Forced to Suffer" (2018, Bestial and Noisy Black/Death Metal/Grindcore) (in English)
Moonshade - "Sun Dethroned" (2018, Melodic Death Metal) (in English)
Morbid Blood Kult - "Promo Tape 2012" (2012, Grinding Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Morbid Messiah - "In the Name of True Death Metal" (2016, Death Metal) (in English)
Morbid Messiah - "Demoniac Paroxysm" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Morbo/Bunker 66 - "Into the Morbid Bunker" (2016, Black/Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Morgoth - "Death Metal" (1991, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Moribund/Irae - "Our Worship to Epidemic Suicide and Death of the World" (2016, Black Metal) (in English)
Moribundo - "Raíz Amarga" (2017, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Morte Incandescente - "Remnants of a Flaming Past" (2017, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Mortifier - "Darkness My Eternal Bride" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Mortuary Drape - "Necromancy" (1987, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Mouldered - "Chronology of a Rotten Mind" (2017, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
MuD - "Slow Degradation" (2009, Metalcore) (in Italian)
MuD - "Violence Against Violence" (2012, Metalcore) (in Italian)
MuD - "The Sound of the Province" (2017, Metallic HC Punk) (in English)
Mudface - "Awaken to a Different Sun" (2019, Modern Metal) (in English)
Mudgrave - "Swamped" (2013, Crusty Speed/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Mule Skinner - "Airstrike" (2018, Death/Grindcore) (in English)
My Minds Mine - "Passengers of the Void" (2018, Grindcore) (in English)


Nadimaĉ - "Besnilo" (2017, Thrashcore) (in English)
Nahabat - "Essence" (2012, Atmospheric Blackened Metal) (in Italian)
Nastenka Aspetta Un Altro/Preti Pedofili - "S/T" (2013, Atmospheric Trip-Hop/Post-Punk) (in Italian)
Nebrus - "Exta Malorvm" (2016, Black Metal) (in English)
Necroblood - "Collapse of the Human Race" (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Necroheresy - "Asylum" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Necroholocaust - "Holocaustic Goat Metal" (2014, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Necros Christos - "Doom of the Occult" (2011, Occult Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Necrospell - "Awakening of Tyrants" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Neige et Noirceur - "Les Ténèbres Modernes" (2016, Black Metal/MNQ) (in English)
Neka - "Nekiya" (2012, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Nekro Drunkz - "Lavatory Carnage" (2016, Death/Grindcore) (in English)
Nekrofilth - "Filling My Blood with Poison" (2009, Punk/Metal) (in Italian)
Nekroholocaust - "Demo 2011" (2011, Noisy Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Nerocapra - "Mefisto Manna" (2014, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Nervecide - "Impermanence" (2013, Technical Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
New Disorder - "Mind Pollution" (2019, Alternative Metal) (in English)
Nihilo - "Doom" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Nimroth - "Instinct" (2009, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Nis - "Presagi di un'Insulsa Rovina" (2009, Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Nocratai - "Tormento" (2018, Industrial Black Metal) (in English)
Nocturnal Blood - "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration" (2010, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Nomura - "Impronte/Lacrime" (2018, Black Metal/Post-Hardcore) (in Italian)
Nox Illunis - "In Sideris Penumbra" (2010, Melodic Black Metal) (in Italian)
Nox Illunis - "Metempsychosis" (2012, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Nuclear Holocaust - "Grinding Bombing Thrashing" (2018, Punkish Death/Grindcore) (in English)
Nuclear Perversions - "Desolation Rituals" (2014, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" (2014, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Num Skull - "Ritually Abused" (1989, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Nulla+ - "Impronte/Lacrime" (2018, Blackened Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
The Nutries - "The Nutries EP" (2013, Metallic Punk/HC) (in Italian)
The Nutries - "Nuova Vita" (2016, Metallic Punk/HC) (in English)


O.D.R.A. - "O.D.R.A/Parh split" (2019, Sludge Metal) (in English)
Oath - "Devil's Victim" (2008, Speed/Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Oblyvion - "Oblyvion" (2013, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Obscene Revenge - "Try to Deny This" (2018, Street Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Obscure Burial - "Epiphany" (2014, Blackened Death Metal) (in Italian)
Obscure Devotion - "Son of a Dayless Night" (1999, Black Metal) (in Italian)
October 31 - "Metal Massacre 31" (2016, Heavy Metal) (in English)
Occult Pantheon/Profound Grave - "Immortal Chaos Ascends" (2017, Black Metal/Occult Death Metal) (in English)
Of Fire - "Dräparen" (2019, Death Metal) (in English)
The Ominous Circle - "Appaling Ascension" (2017, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Oraculum - "Sorcery of the Damned" (2014, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Orifice - "Better Than Sex!!!" (2009, Grindcore) (in Italian)
Ordem Satânica - "Monte da Lua" (2017, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Orror - "Monstro Brasilis" (2012, Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)


Pacifist - "Greyscale Dreams" (2019, Post-Hardcore) (in English)
Panchrysia - "Dogma" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Pandemic - "Deaf Nite" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Panico al Miedo - "Formador" (2018, Mid-tempo Thrash Metal) (in English)
Panikk - "Unbearable Conditions" (2013, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Panikk - "Discarded Existence" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Parh - "O.D.R.A/Parh split" (2019, HC Punkish Sludge Metal) (in English)
Paria - "Knochenkamp" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Perikato - "Kuka hyötyy?"  (2016, Ultra-Noisy Punk/HC) (in English)
Perpetratör - "Altered Beast" (2018, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Persecutory - "Towards the Ultimate Extinction" (2017, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Pestilent Death - "Chapters of Depravity" (2019, Death Metal) (in English)
Pig's Blood - "Pig's Blood" (2017, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Pork Delikateszen/War Plague - Der Warpork Plaguemafia" (2012, Industrial Noisy Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Pounder - "Uncivilized" (2019, Heavy Metal) (in English)
Praise the Flame - "Profane Cult" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Pray U Prey - "Figure the 8" (2017, Crusty Death Metal) (in English)
Preti Pedofili/Nastenka Aspetta Un Altro - "S/T" (2013, Atmospheric Trip-Hop/Post-Punk) (in Italian)
Preti Pedofili - "L'Age d'Or" (2013, Post-Punk) (in Italian)
Prezir - "As Rats Devour Lions" (2018, Black Metal) (in English)
Princip - "Fuck Your Empire" (2018, Blackened HC Punk) (in English)
Principality of Hell - "Sulfur and Bane" (2016, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Process Mass Destruction - "S/T" (2013, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Proclamation - "Nether Tombs of Abaddon" (2012, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Profanal - "Supreme Fire" (2016, Death Metal) (in English)
ProFanatism - "Hereticon" (2016, Black Metal) (in English)
Profound Grave/Occult Pantheon - "Immortal Chaos Ascends" (2017, Black Metal/Occult Death Metal) (in English)
Progenie Terrestre Pura - "Promo 2011" (2011, Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Progetto:ChaosGoat.666 - "Cosmic Eraser of Lifeforms" (2009, Industrial Noise/Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
The Providence - "Horror Music Made in Hell" (2011, Horror Rock) (in Italian)
Provocator - "Satan Chaos Blood and Terror" (2018, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Psycho Scream - "Psycho Scream" (2011, Melodic Death Metal) (in Italian)
Psychoneurosis - "The Fall of Humanity" (2018, Grindcore) (in English)
Purnama - "Lioness" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Putrefied Beauty - "Promo 2010" (2010, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Putrified - "Sacrilegious Purification" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)


Queiron - "Impious Domination" (2002, Death Metal) (in Italian)


R.O.D. - "#SocietyKill" (2018, HC Punkish Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Radioactive Vomit - "Witchblood" (2012, Crusty Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Ragehammer - "War Hawks" (2012, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Rake-Off - "Goin' Mental" (2019, Metallic Hardcore Punk) (in Italian)
Ram-page - "The Grave of Seven Billion" (2017, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Real Chaos - "Incredulo Mi Guardo Attorno" (2013, Death/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Rebel Souls - "The Forces of Darkness" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Redemption Curse - "7.1" (2011, Noise/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rejekts - "Nessuno" (2010, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Rejekts - "3 way split" (2011, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Rejekts - "Promo 2012" (2012, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Rejekts - "UNO-" (2013, Black/Grindcore) (in Italian)
Rejekts - "Triratna" (2016, Post-Black/Grindcore) (in English)
Repuked - "Pervertopia" (2011, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Resumed - "Human Troubles" (2009, Techno-Death Metal) (in Italian)
Revenge - "Attack. Blood. Revenge." (2001, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Revenge - "Scum. Collapse. Eradication" (2012, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Reverber - "Immortals" (2016, Thrash  Metal) (in English)
Reverorum Ib Malacht - "De Mysteriis Dom Christi" (2014, Dark Ambient/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rhetra - "Ego Sum Mors Vestra" (2012, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rienaus - "Saatanalle" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Riluttanza - "Riluttanza" (2011, Mid-tempo Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Ritualization - "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" (2017, Blackened Death Metal) (in English)
Rohes Fleisch - "First Journey to Flesh of Human Nature" (2011, Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rohes Fleisch - "Melt Soul to Blood" (2012, Industrial Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rotengeist - "The Test That Divides Us All" (2017, Progressive Thrash Metal) (in English)
Rotör - "Musta käsi" (2016, Heavy/Speed Metal) (in English)
Rotorvator - "Rotorvator EP" (2007, Experimental Noise/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rotorvator - "Nahum" (2011, Experimental Noise/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rotorvator - "Nero EP" (2011, Experimental Noise/Black Metal) (in Italian)
Rotten UK - "That is Not Dead......" (2016, Dark Punk Rock) (in English)
Ruach Raah - "Perpetual Commitment to Death" (2016, Crusty Black Metal) (in English)
Ruach Raah - "Under the Insignia of Baphomet" (2018, Crusty Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Ruin - "Drown in Blood" (2017, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)


S.R.L. - "Hic Sunt Leones" (2019, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Sabotage - "The Order of Genocide" (2019, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Sacradis - "Damnatio Memoriae" (2008, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Sacrificio - "Guerra Eterna" (2016, Proto-Black Metal) (in English)
Sadistic Drive - "Street Cannibal Gluttony"/"Rehearsal 05/2019" (2019, Punkish Death Metal) (in English)
Sadokist - "Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns" (2014, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Samot - "Across the Abyss" (2016, Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Sarinvomit - "Malignant Thermonuclear Supremacy" (2018, Brutal Black Metal) (in English)
Satanic Surfers - "Back from Hell" (2018, Melodic Hardcore Punk) (in English)
Satanika - "Atomic Curse"/"Brain Damage"/"Mutilator" (2010, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Satanize - "Death Mass Execution" (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Seax - "Fallout Rituals" (2019, Speed Metal) (in English)
Secretpath - "The Wanderer" (2011, Melodic Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Secretpath - "Wanderer and the Choice" (2013, Melodic Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
Sedition - "Melt Down the Idols" (2012, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Selva Obscura - "In Noctis Tenebris" (2009, Raw Black Metal) (in Italian)
Sepolcro - "Amorphous Mass" (2019, Death Metal) (in English)
Sepsis - "To Make Rotten" (1991, Death Metal) (in English)
Sepulchral Temple - "Sepulchral Temple" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Sepulcral - "Antropophagy of Doom" (2009, Death/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Shaarimoth - "Temple of the Adversarial Fire" (2017, Occult Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Shed the Skin - "Harnessing Ruin" (2016, Death Metal) (in English)
Siaskel - "Haruwen Airen" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Sincarnate - "In Nomine Homini" (2017, Melodic Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Six String Suicide - "Piss Around the World" (1998, Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Slaughtergrave/Rejekts/Tuco - "3 way split" (2011, Black/Grindcore/Noisecore/Punk-HC) (in Italian)
Slaughtergrave - "Antifa Psychedelic" (2011, Experimental Thrashcore) (in Italian)
Slaughtergrave/Warpeace - "Split" (2011, Chaotic Punk-HC/Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Sloth Herder - "Abandon Pop Sensibility" (2012, Black/Grindcore) (in English)
Slutvomit - "Swarming Darkness" (2013, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Smackabbrit - "Made in Low Italy" (2011, Nu Metal) (in Italian)
Sodomic Baptism - "Black Fire Pandemonium" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Solar Mass - "Pseudomorphosis" (2016, Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Solfernus - "Neoantichrist" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Solitvdo - "Demo MMXII" (2012, Melodic Black Metal) (in Italian)
Sombre Croisade - "Balancier des âmes" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Sonnenrad - "Demo 2013" (2013, Black Metal) (in Italian)
SpaccaMombu - "In the Kennel, Vol. 2" (2012, Sludge/Doom Metal) (in Italian)
Spectral - "Neural Correlates of Hate" (2018, Progressive Technical Death Metal) (in English)
Spiritual Supremacy - "Mountains of Loneliness" (2010, Dark Ambient) (in Italian)
Split/Cross - "Rise of Discontent" (2019, Crust Punk/Sludge Metal) (in English)
Stakhanovtsy - "Ништяк" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
StarGazer - "A Merging to the Boundless" (2015, Progressive Death Metal) (in Italian)
Stench of Profit - "Human Discount" (2019, Grindcore) (in English)
Stige - "The Wasteland" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
Stolen Lives - "Luciferův efekt" (2019, Thrash/Grindcore) (in English)
Stormhold - "Eyes in the Eyes" (2013, Melodic Death Metal) (in English)
Strappado - "Exigit Sincerae Devotions Affectus" (2019, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Subhuman - "Tributo di Sangue" (2012, Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Sublevels - "Eo Abyssvs Occvltvs" (2011, Djent) (in Italian)
Sudden Death - "Stillborn" (2018, Brutal Death Metal) (in English)
Suicidal Causticity - "The Human Touch" (2017, Brutal Death metal) (in English)
Supremative - "Servitude of Impurity" (2013, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Systemik Viølence - "Anarquia-Violencia" (2018, D-Beat Hardcore Metal Punk) (in English)


Tank - "Filth Hounds of Hades" (1982, NWOBHM) (in Italian)
Tannoiser - "Alamut" (2018, Sludge/Doom Metal) (in English)
Temple Nightside - "The Hecatomb" (2016, Black/Death/Doom Metal) (in English)
Terminate - "Ascending to Red Heavens" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Terrorage - "Lobotomy" (2013, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Terrörhammer - "Under the Unholy Command" (2015, Black/Speed Metal) (in English)
Thecodontion - "Jurassic" (2019, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Thrombus - "Mental Turmoil" (1993, Death Metal) (in English)
Throneum - "Morbid Death Tales" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Thy Darkened Shade - "Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Thy Sepulchral Moon - "Indignant Force of Great Malevolence" (2017, Noise/Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Top Sekret - "Piggy Op" (2018, Grindcore) (in English)
Tomb Mold - "Primordial Malignity" (2017, Death Metal) (in English)
Totten Korps - "Supreme Commanders of Darkness" (2015, Death Metal) (in English)
Toxik Attack - "Assassinos em Série" (2019, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Trajeto de Cabra - "Antichrist Dominum" (2013, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Trallery - "Spirit on Stage" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Trodden Shame - "Chaos Let Be My World" (2011, Groove/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Trono Além Morte - "O Olhar Atento da Escuridão" (2017, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Truchlo Strzygi - "Pora umierać" (2018, Punkish Black Metal) (in English)
Tuam Nescis - "Algophobia" (2010, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Tuco/Rejekts/Slaughtergrave - "3 way split" (2011, Black/Grindcore/Noisecore/Punk-HC) (in Italian)


Uganga - "Opressor" (2017, Thrashcore) (in English)
Umbra Noctis - "Via mala" (2017, Post-Rockish Black Metal) (in English)
Unburied - "Murder 101" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Undertakers - "Vision Distortion Perversion" (2000, Brutalcore) (in Italian)
Usurpress - "Trenches of the Netherworld" (2012, Crusty Death Metal) (in Italian)


Vandals - "Peace Thru Vandalism" (1983, Punk/HC) (in Italian)
Varathron - "Untrodden Corridors of Hades" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Vedmak - "Attack of Hate" (2004, Black Metal) (in English)
Venefixion - "Armorican Deathrites" (2016, Death/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Veratrum - "Sangue" (2010, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Veratrum - "Sentieri Dimenticati" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Verberis - "Vexamen" (2016, Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Vermingod - "Symptom Cult" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Verminous - "The Curse of the Antichrist" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)
Vessel of Iniquity - "Vessel of Iniquity" (2016, Noisy Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Vessel of Iniquity - "Void of Infinite Horror" (2019, Noisy Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Vesper - "Possession of Evil Will" (2010, Black/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
VHS - "We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs" (2019, Death/Thrashcore) (in English)
Vibratacore - "Good Morning Pain" (2011, Punk/HC) (in Italian)
Vibratacore - "Resurgita" (2019, Blackened Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Vigilance - "Queen of Midnight Fire" (2013, Dark Heavy Metal) (in English)
Violent Assault - "The Flag of the Inverted Cross" (2009, Speed/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Violent Opposition - "Utopia/Dystopia" (2017, Jazzy Grindcore) (in English)
The Visceral Madness Condition - "Love Me, Kill Me, Kiss Me, Hate Me" (2018, Sludge/Doom Metal) (in English)
Vistery - "Death is Dead" (2018, Mid-tempo Death Metal) (in English)
Vivid Remorse - "Down to the Wire" (2012, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Voëmmr - "Nox Maledictus" (2017, Raw Black Metal) (in English)
Volahn - "Aq'Ab'Al" (2014, Black Metal) (in Italian)
Vomit Angel - "Sadomatic Evil" (2016, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Vomitile - "Pure Eternal Hate" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Vornth - "Black Pyres" (2016, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Vorum - "Poisoned Void" (2013, Death Metal) (in English)


Wall of the Eyeless - "Through Emptiness" (2011, Extreme Progressive Metal) (in Italian)
Wall of the Eyeless - "Wimfolsfessta" (2013, Extreme Progressive Metal) (in English)
War Plague/Pork Delikateszen split - "Der Warpork Plaguemafia" (2012, Industrial Noisy Black/Death Metal) (in Italian)
War Possession - "Through the Ages" (2012, Death Metal) (in Italian)
Warcore - "My War" (2010, Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Warfist - "Grünberger" (2019, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Wargoat - "Unapproachable Laws of the Abyss" (2018, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Warocracy - "Promo 2010" (2010, Brutal Death Metal) (in Italian)
Warpeace/Disabled - "split" (2011, Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Warpeace/Slaughtergrave - "split" (2011, Chaotic Punk-HC/Crust Punk) (in Italian)
Weregoat - "Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication" (2017, Bestial Black/Death Metal) (in English)
Whiskey and Funeral - "The Arrive of Chaos" (2009, Black/Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Whiskey and Funeral - "After the Chaos...Who's Alive?" (2011, Black/Death/Thrash Metal) (in Italian)
Whitemour - "The Devil Inherits the World" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Whorehouse - "Corporation" (2017, Thrash Metal) (in English)
Witchgöat - "Egregors of the Black Faith" (2019, Black/Thrash Metal) (in English)
Wolfsblood - "Vomit & Lice" (2018, Metallic Crust Punk) (in English)
Wømb/Ruach Raah - "Perpetual Commitment to Death" (2016, Crusty Black Metal) (in English)
Wømb - "Taciturn" (2018, Crusty Black Metal) (in English)
Wrathrone - "Reflections of Torment" (2018, Death Metal) (in English)
Wulfshon - "Prinnit Mittilagart" (2011, Viking Melodic Black/Death Metal) (in English)


Zifir - "Kingdom of Nothingness" (2017, Black Metal) (in English)
ZOM - "Flesh Assimilation" (2014, Death Metal) (in Italian)

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