Friday, October 26, 2018

Gnida - "S.Y.F." (Self-released, 2012; Defense Records, 2017)

Band: Gnida
Title: S.Y.F.
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Time: 14.54
Release Date: 22nd July 2012 (self-released)
                      November 2017 (Defense Records)
Rating: 62/100

After the reissue of that first black/thrashing demo by Ragehammer, this is another reissue and, made by Defense Records, it's about "S.Y.F." (that stands for "Sturdy Yawping Faeces"), the first album by Gnida (Polish for "scumbag"). Today we'll shortly talking about an album that lasts only almost 15 minutes per 15 songs!

"S.Y.F." is a delicate slab of absurdity that see a irreverent combination between the perversion of brutal death metal and the self-destructive ultra-violence of grindcore. The approach is simple and shows a good balancement between (ultra)-fast tempos and slower ones (with some moments close to the slamming brutal death) while the vocals of Sirius, helped sometimes by the guest singer Sauron (Masachist), are incredibly intelligible. All this into songs that can last only 10 seconds (like "Need Weed"). A special feature of Gnida comes from their irreverent attitude that allows to them to put some estranging samples into the songs. Plus, some songs are titled in bizarre ways since, for example, "Vommy Tommy (The Ballad of Tommy Talamanca)", that's dedicated to...the guitarist of the seminal Italian death metal band Sadist! Why? And we don't forget also the absurd ultra-epic intro of the opening song "Rapture"!
That's all, folks! "S.Y.F." is only a honest piece of brutality without being memorable nor various, and I prefer the longer songs like "Deathday" (but there are few numbers of this kind). Incredibly, the band managed to made promotional videos not for a single or two songs but even for...5 songs ("Bud Bomber", "Sick Creation", "Fucking Whore", the same "Deathday", "Antibiotic Existence")! After "S.Y.F.", Gnida released in 2016, under the shape of a quartet, a second album called "A.I.D.S." (Defense Records, 2016). And now these weed maniacs, that in 2013 had the honour to play at the Wacken Open Air, are preparing a new delicate delirium in the sign of the better finesse...
P.S.: so, I finally reviewed all the physical CDs of the mega-pack that I received from the mighty Mythrone Promotion! Now, it's the turn of the physical releases that I received from the Russian label Satanath Records, so stay tuned and try to don't miss a single review of this 'zine!


1 - Rapture
2 - Sick Creation
3 - Blinded by Methyl
4 - Devastated
5 - Bud Bomber
6 - Antibiotic Existence
7 - Masochistic Anal-gram
8 - S.Y.F. (Sturdy Yawping Faeces)
9 - Place of Torment
10 - Salivation
11 - Need Weed
12 - Pukemon
13 - Vommy Tommy
14 - Deathday
15 - Fucking Whore


Sirius - vocals
Sauron - guest vocals ("Sick Creation" and "Blinded by Methyl")
Lucass - guitars/bass/drums


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