Monday, July 27, 2020

Honorable Mentions from the Abyss #24: Iato/Gôr Mörgul

Hey brutal bangers,
I remember that, in the early days of the 'zine (I am talking about something like 10 years ago!), I was always in search of Sardinian bands because I literally fell in love with the extreme metal scene of this so fascinating region called Sardinia, that I unfortunately never visited so far, even though some of very far origins of mine come just from there. Though not on purpose, both the Italian bands of this episode of "Honorable Mentions from the Abyss" come from Sardinia, and they are named Iato and Gôr Mörgul.
I received their respective albums in physical format from Satanath Records, along with "Exaltatus Mechanism" of Abigorum (the black/doom metal band of Alexey Koryolov, the owner of the aforementioned label), whose I'll talk about soon in another article. I'm sorry with Alexey if I am talking about these albums only now after I received them one year ago but, as someone says, "it's better late than never"! And don't forget that I included all these bands in the last episode of "Come on, burn my ears!"!
So, enjoy this article and discover these great bands if you still don't know them!