Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Inferno - "Basado en hechos reales" (Necromance Records, 2019)

Band: Inferno
Title: Basado en hechos reales
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 33.57 min
Release Date: 31st January 2019
Rating: 77/100

Holycide, Trallery, Injector, Exodia (even though these last ones don't exist anymore), Crisix...the Spanish thrash metal scene, in these last years, has became a factory of notable bands! Among the others, this prolific factory produced also an act that was founded in 2009 as a cover band: Inferno. There is to admit that this moniker is too abused, and it isn't a case if you can find another band named Inferno on these pages. Despite this, these Inferno from Ceuta, Spain, deserves a good consideration from the thrash metal maniacs, and their second album "Basado en hechos reales" ("based on real facts") is a powerful demonstration of this. But before speaking about the music, I must say that the album, released by the Spanish label Necromance Records, is well presented by an outstanding cover artwork by the Indonesian Five Miligram, that, if you remember, made also the artwork of the barbaric "Ain't War Hell?" of the Italians thrashers Cruentator. So, the quality is surely granted also this time!