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Horrifying - "Euphoric Existence" (2013)

This is the English translation of my 4th review written for an Italian webzine. Here you are the link of the original review (in Italian, of course!):

EP (Blood Harvest Productions, September 13th 2013)

Line – up (2010):   Johan M. – vocals;
                                Mario Carrasco – rhythm guitar;
                                Raul A. – lead guitar;
                                Putrid Body – drums.

Location:               Puerto Montt (Chile)

Better song of the EP:

The titletrack.

Better feature of the band:

The vocals.

Another Chilean band that I’m reviewing (keep calm, it’ll be the last ones of these apparently infinite series), the Horrifying have released few months ago, via Blood Harvest, this three – songs’ EP titled “Euphoric Existence” that shows, during only 12 minutes circa of sonic delirium, a variety very incredible for a band of this kind. But, obviously, don’t wait some progressive metal, “only” massive old – school death metal, starting with a very Swedish production thanks to its dark and fetid sound.

The platter opens with a bang with its shorter song “An Agonic Death”, that consists of almost 2 minutes full of a very simple death metal (also because there isn’t a guitar solo here) that is so furious to go through “ignorant” blast – beats without pity. But the very surprising thing comes from the frightful vomits and screams of the singer, he seems to be a beast and, in addition, he is supported by some reverb that makes the music in a more atmospheric way. His particular voice is very close to the bestial black/death metal standards, but you can hear this influence also as regard the music (as you will see soon).

The following one is the titletrack, that is the more structured and various song of the entire EP. Rhytmically, here the band ranges from anguishing doom tempos to crustlike tupa – tupas in typical Swedish style, not forgetting, as obvious, the blast – beats, emerging after a while thanks to an interesting crescendo structure. The riffing combines the Swedish approach with hysterical moments close to the US style, showing, finally, some good technical skills. Alas, the guitars are very crazy and disturbing during the doom passages. And still, there is also a very putrid solo. This song lasts 4 minutes and a half, and it sounds incredible since the premises of the opening track (that, anyway, is considered as an intro by the band).

The absurdity is that Horrifying surprises with the closing song too. The intro of “Petrifying Hallucinations” is characterized by a mad guitars’ orgy as teach the Slayer and, curiously, this time the music is a blasting death/thrash metal with some slowdowns and a riffing sometimes very close to the bestial black/death metal a là Heresiarch/Revenge (like during the moments where the chords’ guitar are slithered). There is also a good solo at the end of the song, but I would prefer its sudden conclusion already after the solo. Instead, the song go on reaching even the 5 minutes and a half of length, becoming a little prolix. For you, this can be an insignificant thing, but also the finale has its big importance, damn!
All in all, “Euphoric Existence”, also if it is totally devoted to the ancient metal, surprises every time the listeners. But, maybe, this is just its main vulnerability, because you can’t understand what is the true sound of the Horrifying. Is it the raw and devastating assault of “An Agonic Death”? Or the completeness of the titletrack (that synthesize in 4 minutes the entire Swedish death metal in a better way than God Macabre)? Or is it the thrashing and technical approach of “Petrifying Hallucinations”? Okay, the quality of music is indisputable, but I would like a more decisive style for the next time, maybe following the example of the titletrack.

Vote: 72

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 - An Agonic Death/ 2 – Euphoric Existence/ 3 – Petrifying Hallucinations