Saturday, February 16, 2019

Antropofagus/Nihilo/Gravestone/Thecodontion (Dragona, 8th February 2019)

Bands: Antropofagus/Nihilo/Gravestone/Thecodontion
Location: Fucksia, Dragona (Rome)
Date: 8th February 2019
Price: 10 €

If I say correctly, Fucksia was opened one year ago but it has already acquired a very good reputation especially within the metalheads. This because it is a cultural association in which there isn't only a music school named Full Metal Academy but also a sort of pub fit for the live gigs, giving space not only to the emerging bands of the Roman area but also to International bands. For example, nothing else than Fleshcrawl played at Fucksia on 9th February 2019 while Vicious Rumors will be there on 10th April. In addition, Fucksia has been moved very recently to a new (and better) site, close to its old one. In all this, there is a big con: this place is located in Dragona, a suburb of Rome close to Acilia, so it is a bit far from what is stricly considered as the city of Rome. This means that Fucksia is difficult to be reached if you haven't a car. In fact, thanks to a friend of mine (thank you very much, Luca!), on 8th February I reached the place by car because I wanted to destroy my ears with a death metal night in which there was a huge line-up including, in chronological order, Thecodontion, Gravestone, Nihilo from Switzerland, and Antropofagus from Genoa, Italy. Let me say already that this has been a night for the ages!