Monday, March 23, 2020


“Animal liberation front, supporto ai movimenti di liberazione!” Movimenti - Intothebaobab

The idea of this interview was originally intended to give voice to an important Italian organisation that takes care of the animals’ rights and tries to give them support and dignity they deserve. It is important to underline they have the courage to operate in a backward country (let’s face it!), that do not care enough about animals’ living conditions.

I do really support their ideas and initiative and I also think that they give us hope for a prosperous future in which animals can have the dignity they deserve. Even though their contribution is a tiny beacon of hope in this doomsday scenario, we must take into account the fact that changes start with small step, and if we relate their work to the merciless environment in which they’re operating, we all agree that Agripunk is already a giant step forward!

During “Questa รจ Roma mica” fest, they were there, and the filthy punkmetaloihcsxe audience had the chance to taste their sophisticated and delicious cuisine!

I know one of their members since I was 15, so when Flavio told me that he’d make a report of the festival, I jumped at the opportunity to interview him in order to hear all the story from scratch!