Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ram-page - "The Grave of Seven Billion" (GrimmDistribution, 2017)

Band: Ram-page
Title: The Grave of Seven Billion
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Year: 30th June 2017
Time: 30 min
Rating: 69/100

Aleksey Koryolov of Satanath Records sent to me 3 mega-pack of releases so far...and I have been still listening to the albums of the first mega-pack (Ram-page included)! Soon or later, I think to summarize in few words 2 or more of these releases in a single article to put in the new "mini-reviews" section, so to make more ready and faster the reviews. Meanwhile, today it's the turn of Ram-page, a Russian quartet that is so prolific that this "The Grave of Seven Billion" (released by GrimmDistribution, another parent label of Satanath Rec) is their 4th album within 8 years of existence!