Friday, September 21, 2018

Satanic Surfers - "Back from Hell" (Mondo Macabre Records, 2018)

Band: Satanic Surfers
Title: Back from Hell
Genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk/Skate Punk
Time: 30 min
Year: 10th August 2018
Rating: 89/100

13 years! So many fuckin' years have passed since the Swedish skatepunkers Satanic Surfers released their last album "Taste the Poison" (Bad Taste Records, 2005) before ending their path in 10th February 2007. Fortunately, they were back stronger than never in December 2014 and, after many sold out shows especially through Germany, they have recently released a comeback under the auspices of Mondo Macabre Records, a sub-label of Regain/Blood Harvest Rec. Let me say already that we're talking about a comeback so devastating that Satanic Surfers seem to be again young and wild as in 1995 such is the intensity of their new hooks!