Sunday, June 10, 2018

Funeral Winds - "Sinister Creed" (Avantgarde Music, 2018)

Band: Funeral Winds
Title: Sinister Creed
Genre: Brutal Black Metal
Year: 29th January 2018
Time: 35 min
Rating: 88/100

Funeral Winds+Avantgarde Music: a sacrilegious alliance between two historic entities of the European extreme metal scene. On a side, Funeral Winds is a black metal band from the Netherlands guided, with extreme dedication to this music as well to the Satanic arts, by the only remaining founder member Hellchrist Xul since 1991. On the other side, Avantgarde Music is a well-known Italian label founded in 1994 that released albums of relevant bands like Carpathian Forest, Abigor, Behemoth and so on, but without forgetting its first incarnation under the name of Obscure Plasma Records, responsible to publishing in 1993 nothing else than the infamous "Live in Leipzig" (with Dead at the vokills!) by Mayhem! Well, this alliance gave recently dark life to "Sinister Creed", the 4th album of Funeral Winds after 11 fukken years from the previous one.