Sunday, November 11, 2018

Panico al Miedo - "Formador" (Symbol of Domination Prod/United by Chaos, 2018)

Band: Panico al Miedo
Title: Formador
Genre: Mid-tempo Thrash Metal with Death and Groove Metal influences
Time: 53.10 min
Release Date: 27th April 2018
Rating: 57/100

Recording and mixing by Juan Urteaga (already at work with bands of the calibre of Vile, Testament, Machine Head etc...), mastering by Jens Bogren (famous for his collaborations with Opeth, Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost etc...), a fantastic cover artwork full of absurd characters by nothing else than Ed J. Repka (do you know who he is or do you need an embarrassing refresh?), and the participation of some illustrious guitarplayers like James Murphy and Bobby Koelble, both ex-Death members. What an ambitious debut album for this Spanish quartet called Panico al Miedo! Is all this enough for a metal masterpiece? Not exactly...