Sunday, April 29, 2018

Anima Damnata - "Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast" (Godz ov War Prod/Malignant Voices, 2017)

Band: Anima Damnata
Title: Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast
Genre: Brutal Black/Death Metal with Bestial influences
Year: 29th October 2017
Time: 41 min
Rating: 83/100

It took 10 looong years to Anima Damnata to create a third album after their second opus released in the now far 2007 under Morbid Moon Records. Written between 2009 and 2015 and produced by M. from Mgla, "Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast" (it's incredible but every fukken album by Anima Damnata has a really fukken kilometric title!), a powerful comeback for a band that completely deserve to be into the ultra-extreme roster of the Polish Godz ov War Prod, that published their third opus along with their compatriot label Malignant Voices.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

All My Sins - "Zov iz Magle" (Miner Recordings, 2018)

Band: All My Sins
Title: Zov iz Magle
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Year: 31st January 2018
Time: 13 min
Rating: 80/100

Some months ago, the EP "Lunar/Solar" by All My Sins impressed me so lot that I put it into my 2017 TOP TEN releases, as a great example of blasting but poetic black metal. And now this Serbian duo, helped also this time by the session drummer Nemir, is back with the single "Zov iz Magle", whose two tracks were recorded during the same sessions of their upcoming debut album "Pra Sila - Vukov Totem". I think that All My Sins are striking the iron while it's hot because also "Zov iz Magle", released by the Serbian label Miner Recordings, is very FUCKIN' impressive!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Moribundo - "Raíz Amarga" (Satanath Records/More Hate Productions, 2017)

Band: Moribundo
Title: Raíz Amarga
Genre: Doom/Death Metal with Goth and Symphonic elements
Year: 18th June 2017
Time: 36 min
Rating: 76/100

As a fan of the mega-violence in metal music, I am not so keen on the slow metal but, surely, this doesn't avoid to me to appreciate it in the right way. This is the case of "Raíz Amarga", debut album by Moribundo (Spanish for "dying"), a Spanish trio of zombified metalheads from Madrid/Salamanca (but their third member Mortvs Vyrr is simply their lyrics writer) that released it under the auspices of Satanath Records in cooperation with More Hate Productions.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Gonoreas - "Minotaur" (Art Gates Records, 2018)

Band: Gonoreas
Title: Minotaur
Genre: Heavy Metal with various Metal influences
Year: 23rd February 2018
Time: 45 min
Rating: 75/100

Today I'll review an album that doesn't really belongs to the old-school extreme metal standards of this 'zine, even though, as you'll read very soon, it's an album with a lot of different metal influences. It's called "Minotaur" and is even the 6th full-lenght album by Gonoreas, a Swiss band born in 1994 as The Gonorrheas, moniker changed 6 years later in the current one. In according to Metal-Archives, "Minotaur" was released through different formats by two labels (the Serbian Miner Rec and Rubicon Music, that published it for the Japanese market). To say the truth, there are no traces, on that website, that also the Spanish Art Gates Rec released the new album by Gonoreas after signing them some time before. In fact, I've got the physical CD promo of "Minotaur" by Art Gates thanks to its boss, Ivan Magdalena!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Necrodeath/Whiskey & Funeral/Lapida (Rome, 14th April 2018)

Bands: Necrodeath/Whiskey & Funeral/Lapida
Location: Defrag, Rome (Italy)
Date: 14th April 2018

There were huge expectations about the comeback of the mighty Necrodeath here in Rome, and, obviously, these expectations have been fully kept for a really skullcrushing live gig very difficult to forget for the future years to come. And you have to consider that the ticket cost only 5 euros, so why didn't you take this rare opportunity at a low price to see on stage one of the legendary extreme metal acts from Italy, today very respected around the world? The Roman date by Necrodeath is to be considered part of their long European tour intended to promote their fresh new album "The Age of Dead Christ" (Scarlet Records, 2018). The bands that supported them were two talented acts from the area of Rome: Lapida and Whiskey & Funeral. Instead, the location of the show was Defrag, a cultural association born in 2008 that's very close to a subway station in the suburbs of Rome, so it's comfortable to reach also for the people who live on the other side of the city without using the car.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Terrordome/Deathreat: let's start to the Boiling Aggression Tour!

Here you are a news that I lately received from Marcin of Mythrone Promotion!
In fact, Terrordome and Deathreat (both bands from Poland) will be together to destroy some European countries for the "Boiling Aggression Euro Tour 2018". The scheduled dates are the following:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Discordant Hemispheres: upcoming release of the third single!

Do you remember Discordant Hemispheres, the Roman progressive band whose first two singles were reviewed some months ago on these pages?

Yes or not, I am here to inform you that their third single will be released on 16th April 2018 through all the digital stores and streaming platforms. Promoted by the video of "Life Train" (directed by their manager Flavia Antonelli and published on YouTube just yesterday), this new opus titled "Vita" ("Life"), adorned by a cover artwork made by Cristiano Campana, consist of the only aforementioned song in which there is the participation of Iacopo Volpini, another session drummer used by Discordant Hemispheres. You can watch the video below:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Perpetratör - "Altered Beast" (Caverna Abismal Records, 2018)

Band: Perpetratör
Title: Altered Beast
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 14th February 2018
Time: 38 min
Rating: 85/100

In these last times, the thrash metal is literally reigning on these pages. So, the thrash metal series continues also today with this review about "Altered Beast", second album by Perpetratör from Portugal, a country which, in my opinion, has got one of the better black metal scenes in the world but I didn't know that it's also good to produce talented thrash metal bands. Specifically, Perpetratör is a relatively young band born in 2008 with a discography composed of two full-lenght albums and a split with the legendary Hellbastard but I said "relatively" because, into their line-up, there are musicians coming from very respected Portuguese bands like Filii Nigrantium Infernalium and Ravensire, all rooted into the '80s metal. Obviously, also Perpetrator are a cult to the '80s even because, curiously, they titled their second album just as a famous arcade videogame released by Sega in 1988. Maybe, it's only a coincidence...or not?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gravestone: video for "Proud to be Dead"!

Ultimately, I received the news from Marco Borrani, from the Roman progressive deathsters Gravestone, that his band made a video for "Proud to Be Dead", the titletrack of their EP released in 2017 through the US label Sliptrick Records. The following is the link to watch the video through YouTube:

Cruentator - "Ain't War Hell?" (Xtreem Music, 2018)

Band: Cruentator
Title: Ain't War Hell?
Genre: Brutal Thrash Metal
Year: 10th January 2018
Time: 32 min
Rating: 77/100

...and finally, today I am going to review, for the very first time, an album released in 2018, not in 2017...and it was fuckin' time! "Ain't War Hell?" is this first 2018 album on these pages and the band that realized it, under the auspices of the Dave Rotten's label Xtreem Music, is Cruentator. Coming from the beautiful Italian city of Como, Cruentator features members (Riccardo and Omar, drummer and guitarist respectively) and ex-members (the singer Ambro) from the gore brutal death metal band Bowel Stew, so we're talking about musicians with a lot of experience in the extreme metal scene. Well, with "Ain't War Hell?", they realized an album that perfectly sounds as its cover artwork, which, made by the talented artist from Indonesia Five Miligrams, is one of best artworks that I've ever seen in these last times! And believe me that the sound by Cruentator is terribly sanguinary, a real...MERCILESS EXTERMINATION!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Horrorscope - "Altered Worlds Practice" (Defense Records, 2017)

Band: Horrorscope
Title: Altered Worlds Practice
Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal
Year: 20th October 2017
Time: 46 min
Rating: 86/100

It's incredible but I have still to review a 2018 release on these pages! In fact, the loooong series of reviews about the 2017 releases continue today with "Altered Worlds Practice", the 7th full-lenght album by Horrorscope, an excellent and prolific quintet from Poland existing since 1997 (without counting their first incarnation in 1996 as Disonance). As Formis and Leech, also Horrorscope belong to the mega-pack of CDs that Marcin from Mythrone Promotion sent to me some months ago. This means that, with this review, I am going to end the series about that pack of Defense Records releases.