Saturday, June 30, 2018

Verano's Dogs+Tibia (Rome, 23rd June 2018)

Bands: Verano's Dogs/Tibia
Date: 23rd June 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome (Italy)

Between 22nd and 23rd June of 2018 there have been two very intense live gigs at the fantastic punk club Trecentosessanta Gradi (or 360): the first one was very hardcore punkish with a main act of the calibre of Insanity Alert, 4 funny and totally crazy crossover thrashers from Austria; instead, the second one was more extreme metal-oriented and contained in the bill only two Italian bands, included Verano's Dogs. For simple questions of time, I reviewed here the second gig mentioned but, surely, you have to expect, in the future days to come, also a nice live report about what happened on 22nd June, so please be patient, ok?