Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Questa E' Roma 2020 (Rome, 18th January 2020)

Fest: Questa E' Roma
Date: 18th January 2020
Location: CSOA Strike
Price: 8 €

I confess: during the new edition of the HC punk fest Questa E' Roma, a very big event for every HC punk maniac taken on 18th January 2020 at the Strike squat, I saw practically in action only 3 bands of the 16 in the bill. The fact is that I went late at the fest since I was there even at 9pm while it started the hostilities 4 hours before circa, and this means that I lost the beauty of 8 bands before I arrived. And there is need to say that this time I preferred to enjoy this fantastic event mostly by spending good moments with my many friends that were there, having a lot of fun with them until the end of the fest, precisely until 3am circa. So, the live report you're going to read today is very particular; particular as just the same fest, in which there was even a benefit dinner offered by the guys from the antispeciesist collective Agripunk, whose headquarter is located in a small town called Ambra, near Frosinone (Lazio, Italy).