Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Marci su Roma Fest (Rome, 3rd November 2018)

Festival name: Marci su Roma
Date: 3rd November 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome
Price: 6 €

The day after the doom metal night with Abysmal Grief, I changed completely musical genre in order to destroy my ears (AND MY BONES!) with a HC punk festival called "Marci su Roma", that was taken at the Trecentosessanta Gradi punk pub (also simply known as 360) in the area of Rome known as San Lorenzo. The occasion was very good for every HC maniac worthy of this name since 9 Italian bands (coming from Central to North Italy) were in the bill to offer a festival destined to last a lot of hours (a tenth band called Social Trauma was supposed to play but they didn't play). So, many people from every corner of the Nation came in my city, and I must say already that this festival has been fantastic also since it gave to all of us the impression of a Italian HC scene very united and full of solidarity. This also because, in these days, San Lorenzo, a historically antifascist area, is living a very critical socio-political period, as many of you knows. Without explaining the reasons, in San Lorenzo the atmosphere was (and still is) very hot, and it isn't a case if the slogan of the festival was "Gli unici stranieri: fasci e sbirri nei quartieri" ("the only foreigners: fascists and cops in the blocks"). Ended the description of the contextual conditions, it's time now to see who's who (Conflict, anyone?)!