Tuesday, July 31, 2018

['selvɘ] - "DOMA" (Overdrive Records/Shove Records, 2018)

Band: ['selvɘ]
Title: DOMA
Genre: Post-black metal
Time: 25 min
Year: 14th February 2018
Rating: 76/100

Behind the absurd moniker of ['selvɘ] - that can be transcripted with the more senseful "selva" (Italian for "wood") -, there is an Italian trio from Lodi (Piedmont) that was born at the end of 2013. Their sound belongs surely to the vast black metal spectrum and, throughout the years, they have shared the stages with great bands like Full of Hell, Shining and Celeste. Despite all these references, I realized that they have got no profile on Metal-Archives, and this is strange, also because they released two full-lenght albums so far. Some months ago Selva are back with a 25-minute EP called "DOMA", in all-Italian release by Overdrive Rec in collaboration with Shove Rec (other labels have co-operated with them for the CD release as well for the vinyl and tape versions).

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mascharat - "Mascharat" (Seance Records, 2017)

Band: Mascharat
Title: Mascharat
Genre: Black Metal
Time: 50 min
Year: 15th September 2017
Rating: 84/100

I don't know who is behind the mysterious Italian band Mascharat but I know that the Aussie label Seance Records have did a good deal to release their debut album with the same name! I am saying this not only for the quality of music but also because the album is strongly Italian in its entirety. In fact, "Mascharat" is a concept album about the story of a man that repudiates his Christian convictions and values in order to search the Truth with the "help" of three joking and cruel masks of the Venetian Carnival tradition (it isn't a case if "Mascharat" means "joke" or "prank" in Arabic but it is also similar to the Italian word for "mask" that is "maschera"!). All this story is sang in Italian as well in a Northern Italy dialect and even in French (in "Medecin de Peste", at least) through 9 tracks (4 of them are instrumental, included intro and outro), in which there is a sound dubbed by the label as "Renaissance Black Metal", in according to the particular lyrics.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

REVIEWS' ATTACK #6: Colonnelli/Ruach Raah/The Visceral Madness Condition/Thy Sepulchral Moon

Hey brutalbangers,
today there is a new series of reviews! This time I managed to review two bands from my country as well other two acts completely fit for the lovers of the most extreme and "unlistenable" metal, so expect to read about very different ways to conceive our music.

Friday, July 20, 2018

REVIEWS' ATTACK #5: Corpse Garden/Bestial Invasion/Edgeflame/Provocator

Hey brutal bangers,
here you are a new reviews' attack episode, that time is about 4 interesting bands, ranging from technical thrash metal to the rawest black metal.
I think that, in the future days to come, I will write faster and faster reviews because the digital promos in my possession are toooo many...and I have also many physical promos to review!
But stop with this intro and ENJOY THESE REVIEWS!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tibia+Dawn Ray'd+Unyielding Love+Seventh Genocide (Rome, 11th July 2018)

Bands: Tibia/Dawn Ray'd/Unyielding Love/Seventh Genocide
Date: 11th July 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome

On 11th July 2018 there was a very special night at 360 Club in Rome! In fact, Metal Against Shit, a sort of DIY live gig agency with a strong anti-fascist attitude and ran, among others, by Hulderich of Verano's Dogs, organized an anti-NSBM black metal night with 4 bands, whose two ones came from abroad: Unyielding Love from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Dawn Ray'd from Liverpool, England. There was no real main act since every band had the same amount of time to play but, despite this, there were notable expectations about Dawn Ray'd, an anarcho-black metal band that is going to do a European tour (started in 7th July in UK and will end on 19th July in Germany) along with Unyielding Love, reaching countries like France, Austria, Croatia or Italy (the Roman date has been the only one in my country). But what's about the other two bands? Both coming from Rome, they are called Seventh Genocide and Tibia.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kess'khtak - "Unwritten Rules Prevail" (Art Gates Records, 2018)

Band: Kess'khtak
Title: Unwritten Rules Prevails
Genre: Death metal/Grindcore
Time: 22 min
Year: 25th May 2018
Rating: 70/100

Another new EP, after three years from the previous one, for this Swiss quintet called Kess'khtak (what a unpronunceable moniker, don't you think?) that have still to release their first full-lenght album even though they were founded in the now far 2007.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Insanity Alert+Taste the Floor+Underball+Movement (Rome, 22nd June 2018)

Bands: Insanity Alert/Taste the Floor/Underball/Movement
Date: 22nd June 2018
Location: Trecentosessanta Gradi, Rome

As I promised some days ago, this is finally the live report about the demented night with Insanity Alert! The Roman date at 360 Club has been the last one of their short "Italia Total Spritz Trip" tour through Insanity Alert, starting from 15th June, reached also cities like Ferrara, Lecco and La Spezia with their new bassplayer Giant-T. I was very curious to see on stage these 4 Austrian total maniacs because some people told me that their live gigs are really unpredictable and funny, so I had absolutely to be in front of them to mosh like a possessed man! Actually, even the 3 supporting bands Movement, Underball and Taste the Floor (all coming from Rome Caput Mundi) provoked a lot of moshpit, hence expect to read plenty of crazy things on this article!