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Praise the Flame - "Profane Cult" (2013)

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EP (Apocalyptic Productions/Blood Harvest Records, February 1st 2013)

Line – up:         JJ – vocals/guitars;
                          Necroterror – bass;
                          Druaghonik – drums.

Location:          Santiago (Chile).

Better song of the EP:

“Doomed by Darkness”.

Better feature of the band:

Its incredible fury combined with a lethal complexity.

This is an excellent assault to start my adventure with this ‘zine. In fact, the awesome Swedish label Blood Harvest Records has re – released “Profane Cult”, adding to its five tracks (classic black mass’ intro included) for 21 minutes circa both the outro and the cover of “Before the Creation of Time” of the Unleashed, that were absent in the original version published by the little Chilean label Apocalyptic Productions.

But the Praise the Flame follow the US style combined with the typical South – American fury, crushing the listeners’ ears with a great dose of tupa – tupas and angry blast – beats. So, the slow/mid – tempos are rare, especially during the first two tracks, but the slowdowns are always nervous and complex. In brief, the groove moments are literally banned on this EP.

I can explain that gap saying that Praise the Flame plays an ancient and neurotic death metal full of tempo shifts, all the more so because they are often very close to the technical death metal (“Path to Dark Despair”), since the tracks are also very long from the 4 to 6 minutes of length. The solos are noisy and wicked as the old – school wants, but they aren’t so short as it should be considering their style (and the solo of “Doomed by Darkness” has also some indefinite and perverse melodies). Anyway, there’s a solo per song, “Path to Dark Despair” excluded.

The vocals are awesome because they consist of growls so versatile and diabolic to has an incredible deepness. I must mention, in particular, the fast and thundering line vocals of “Doomed by Darkness”. Curiously, the vocals starts their vomits after one minute of music in almost every song, because the band loves the long and exhausting introductions.

The production of “Profane Cult” is dirty with every instrument at its place. Instead, the cover track (that is very stick to the original song, as it is obvious) has a more raw and “live” sound. Damn, I like it!

All in all, Praise the Flame are very fuckin’ good ‘cause they combine the brutality and chaos at their best with a bunch of technique and complexity, despite their music is considered by the label as “barbaric death/thrash metal” (OK, but where is thrash metal?). I found no flaws on “Profane Cult”, simply I consider better its second half because it has a better balance between the fast moments and the slow ones – so to intensify the entire assault in a more rational way – but also because the black metal incursions are more frequent on it (listen to the freezing intro with arpeggios of “Doomed by Darkness”). So, Praise the Flame have showed again, as if it were needed, the excellent (and satanic) health of Chilean old – school death metal scene, that’s releasing a masterpiece one by one in these last times.

Vote: 81

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Perpetual Covenant (intro)/ 2 – Mayhemic Wrath of Glorior/ 3 – Endless Scourge/ 4 – Doomed by Darkness/ 5 – Path to Dark Despair/ 6 – Outro/ 7 – Before the Creation of Time (Unleashed cover)