Friday, December 28, 2018

Cronaxia - "Collapsing the Outer Structure" (Lusitanian Music, 2018)

Band: Cronaxia
Title: Collapsing the Outer Structure
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Time: 31.26 min
Release Date: 7th September 2018
Rating: 74/100

Fuck, the promotion agency Imperative PR is sending me a lot of albums for years, and only today I decided to review one of them! Precisely, I chose to review the debut album of a band from Lisbon, Portugal, whose story is a true anthem to the perseverance. In fact, Cronaxia was founded even in 1997 but, in eternal search for the right members to play their insane music and struggling with many line-up changes, they seriously started to write a full-lenght album only in 2010 after publishing an EP three years before. Despite this will to give life to this album, Cronaxia started to record it only in 2015 with a line-up that consist of three stable members (comprising the co-founder and guitarist Filipe) and two session musicians as well (that are the hyper-active drummer Rolando Barros, and the bassist Alexandre Ribeiro, both from the historical death/grind band Grog). And finally, that album became reality under the title of "Collapsing the Outer Structure", that has been released by the Portuguese label Lusitanian Music.