Monday, December 30, 2019

Enon Chapel - "Enon Chapel" (Acephale Winter Productions, 2019)

Band: Enon Chapel
Title: Enon Chapel
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Time: 27.21 min
Release Date: 1st February 2019
Vote: 76/100

In these last days I realized that many US bands recently hosted on these putrid pages, like Pestilent Death, Atrament and Mudface, comes curiously from the sunny California. Well, also Enon Chapel, that I am going to present you today, comes from California but even from Michigan. Specifically, they are a duo founded in 2018 and composed of the multi-instrumentalist Balan and the singer/lead guitarist Meghan Wood, both very active with other projects. Under the moniker of Enon Chapel, they released an intriguing EP with the same title (that the Italian agency Anubi Press sent me some time ago) and edited by the small US label Acephale Winter Productions. After many listening sessions, I've to say that it's a shame that this label produced "Enon Chapel" in only 50 copies because I must anticipate already that it's so good it deserves attention from plenty of maniacs of the most cursed kind of metal out there: black metal!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Come on, burn my ears! #3

Hey brutalbangers,
with a little delay due to the festivities and to other reasons, today, that is also unfortunately the anniversary of Lemmy's death, finally I published the new and third playlist of Timpani allo Spiedo, the last one for this dying 2019!

Friday, December 27, 2019


Flavio: Hey brutalbangers,
this awesome interview is the first one by Marta Rose on these pages! She interviewed a street punk band that I didn't know before she proposed to me this interview. And I have to say she had a very good idea because these Blatoidea are fantastic, so, needless to say, I think I will go into them and into their post-apocalyptic image
 à la Mad Max that I love so much. But now let's go live to Marta and her words!

Marta: Parasites, infections, metamorphosis. Here’s Blatoidea’s lens, where they see the reality through. Is it all true or just fantasy? Hard to guess, but one thing is sure, their music and art are a fascinating interpretation of our sick world!
A few months ago, I’ve seen them live in London at the Unicorn in Camden and I’ve been nicely surprised of their gig! It conveyed so much energy and anger. I really enjoyed it and had so much fun that lately I’ve decided to interview them, so that I could get to know their story. Et voilà!
So guys, first of all, I’d like to thank you for accepting his interview!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Hell Brood - "Logico Contorto" (Self-released, 2018)

Band: Hell Brood
Title: Logico Contorto
Genre: Death/Grindcore with various influences
Time: 20.05 min
Release Date: 11th January 2018
Vote: 75/100

Hey brutalbangers,
after the intriguing review about "Cvlto" of the Italian post-hardcore band I Maiali, Marta Rose comes back on these pages with a new fantastic article!
Today, in full fukken Christmas eve, you'll have to read her new review about the second album of a very interesting band from a small Italian town called Gabicce Mare. Their name is Hell Brood, that I had the honour to see on stage some months ago during a grindcore/hardcore punk festival at the Bencivenga Occupato squat. So, in this review you'll find some photos of them shot by me during that crazy night. And veeeery probably I'll put Hell Brood in the new and third playlist of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine named "Come on, burn my ears!", so stay tuned!
Now, let's start to read this review by Marta and...


Friday, December 20, 2019

Perversor - "Umbravorous" (Pulverised Records, 2018)

Band: Perversor
Title: Umbravorous
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Time: 31.59 min
Release Date: 10th November 2018
Vote: 90/100

It's a looong time that there isn't a Chilean band on these pages, even though you surely know how much I love the Chilean extreme metal. Fortunately, today Chile comes back with a band that amazed me so lot with their second album "Anticosmocrator" (Hells Headbangers, 2015) that I bought it in its CD format during an Italian gig of Impiety happened two years ago. Well, after that album, Perversor spewed forth a split called "Perverso Dios Chivo" along with their compatriots Istengoat and, a year after, the long-held third album, "Umbravorous", that totally confirms all the good done three years before. And they did it with the same quartet, that now is stable even since 2009, a very remarkable thing in an underground metal world where the members of many bands go in and out of them.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Final Cut: the end!

Hey brutalbangers,
I still remember how much I was amazed by "Jackhammer", the second (and last, in every sense!) full-lenght album of Final Cut, a Swiss quintet that surprised me for their strange but funny mixture between thrash metal and blues rock. So, I was sorry when I knew through FaceBook that Final Cut recently ceased to exist for motivations concerning the ideas about the band.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Short Fuse: new promotional video!

Hey brutalbangers,
the Roman HC punk band Short Fuse released on 13th December 2019 a videoclip for "Opportunism", a song taken from their new album "Sink or Swim", edited just this year under the auspices of the US label Indelirium Records.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Systemik Viølence: new singer in the band!

Hey brutalbangers,
there has recently been a line-up change into the metalpunk squad from Portugal known as Systemik Viølence, whose devastating "Anarquia-Violencia" was reviewed one year ago!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Enemynside - "Chaos Machine" (Rockshots Records, 2019)

Band: Enemynside
Title: Chaos Machine
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 34.32 min
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Vote: 80/100

Once upon a time there was a thrash metal band called Enemynside, that in 2018 managed to be into a grindcore night to support nothing else than Cripple Bastards. Well, Enemynside had absolutely nothing to do that night but it seem that I found them really interesting if today I am here to review their very fresh fourth album, released in October by the Italian label Rockshots Records, already known on these pages through the death/thrashers S.R.L.. So, here you are "Chaos Machine", an album that keeps high my interest about Enemynside because it's truly good. And now let's start to discover why it's so good for my broken ears!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Blasphemy+Necromorbid+Barbarian Swords (Rome, 5th December 2019)

Bands: Blasphemy+Necromorbid+Barbarian Swords
Date: 5th December 2019
Location: Traffic Live Club
Price: 35 €

Here comes Blasphemy! They were plenty of fukken years that we awaited this moment and, finally, these Canadian legends called Blasphemy played for the first time ever in Rome (and also in Italy) on 5th December 2019 at the Traffic Live Club! Ok, the price for the concert was really absurd because it was of 35 shitty euros, and I know many people who denied to be present that night just for that price. In addition, the concert was organized on Thursday, surely a "wrong" day, and also because of this "little" detail that there were less attendants than expected through the FB event. But fuck all these considerations because Blasphemy are a pure kult for me and, I repeat, it was their first time ever in Rome, so the occasion was truly unmissable in every fukken sense, also since who knows when they'll come back here in Italy?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Vibratacore - "Resurgita" (self-release, 2019)

Gruppo: Vibratacore
Titolo: Resurgita
Genere: Crust Punk con influenze Black e Death Metal
Durata: 23.56 min
Data di rilascio: 5 aprile 2019
Voto: 74/100

Anvedi chi si rivede da queste parti, i Vibratacore! Millenni fa io recensii su queste pagine il loro EP "Good Morning Pain", di cui fu girato anche un bel video promozionale per la stessa titletrack. Quindi, mi ha fatto piacerissimo quando il loro storico bassista Lorenzo, dopo la mia news circa il 15esimo anniversario dei grandi MuD a cui gli stessi Vibratacore hanno preso parte, mi ha chiesto se fossi disponibile a recensire il loro nuovissimo EP "Resurgita". Senza pensarci due volte, la mia risposta è stata ovviamente positiva, ragion per cui Lorenzo mi ha gentilmente inviato una copia fisica di "Resurgita", ed ecco qui la recensione!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mudface - "Awaken to a Different Sun" (Art Gates Records, 2019)

Band: Mudface
Title: Awaken to a Different Sun
Genre: Modern Metal with different influences
Time: 22.23 min
Release Date: 28th June 2019
Vote: 73/100

After Of Fire, this is a new review about an Art Gates Rec's release! In fact, today you'll know the existence of a quintet coming from San Francisco, California, whose moniker is Mudface. Even though their official story starts in 2005, they were founded in the now very far 1998 under the curious name of S1ft but, with it, they released only 3 demos. Instead, the band has been surely luckier under the most aggressive name of Mudface since they edited 2 full-lenght albums so far. Well, their last production isn't an album but a nice EP entitled "Awaken to a Different Sun", that spews forth an interesting sound not so extreme for the Timpani allo Spiedo standards but, anyway, pleasantly uncommon on these pages.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Honorable Mentions from the Abyss #14: Crucifixion/Sepsis/Sadistic Drive

Hey brutalbangers,
welcome to this new episode of "Honorable Mentions from the Abyss" (no reviews, no votes, only mentions!), that this time is completely dedicated to the Colombian death metal label La Caverna Records (FB page), that we already knew on these pages thanks to the now defunct Thrombus. It is a label very active in the reissues front and, in fact, 2 out of the 3 productions here mentioned are hidden gems of a death metal past not dead but still strongly alive.
So, let's start to discover them and enjoy this article!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Hey brutalbangers,
I like a lot interviewing bands coming from exotic countries, places where the metal situation is surely a bit particular in comparison with other countries in which our favorite music is stronger (Germany, Sweden etc.). For example, time ago I interviewed the mighty Abatuar from Panama and I had another great chat with Witchgöat from El Salvador. Well, today it's the turn of Sabotage from India, whose promising debut EP "The Order of Genocide" was enthusiastically reviewed few days ago.
So, let's go to discover in a deeper way the Indian (thrash) metal scene with Sabotage and enjoy this interview!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Honorable Mentions from the Abyss #13: Pacifist+Death by Fungi

Hey brutalbangers,
some days ago you discovered an Indian thrash metal act called Sabotage. Well, this time we'll dig into the Indian hardcore punk scene through two very talented bands: Pacifist and Death by Fungi. Both self-released their own EP in 2019, and both were sent me by the Bengal agency Qabar Extreme Music PR.
So, welcome to this new episode of "Honorable Mentions from the Abyss" (no reviews, no votes, only mentions!) and let's start to discover these Indian bands!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sepolcro+Thulsa Doom+Morbus Grave (7th November 2019, Rome)

Gruppi: Sepolcro+Thulsa Doom+Morbus Grave
Data: 7 novembre 2019
Locale: Trecentosessantagradi
Ingresso: 5 €

Comunicazione di servizio:

sarà forse la millesima volta che ve lo annuncio ma sappiate che il 24 marzo 2019 è uscito il mio libro sulla first wave of black metal intitolato "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero". Se volete sapere qualcosina sulle gesta degli HellhammerSodomBathory ma anche di gruppi un pochino meno famosi come ParabellumVulga e chi più ne ha più ne metta, questo libro fa per voi. Ah, puntualizzo che è un ebook e che si può comprare attraverso i migliori stores digitali come AmazonIBS, Google Books e altri. Comprate, leggete e poi fatemi sapere, eh! DAJE!!!


Il 7 novembre 2019 c'è stata una serata imperdibile per ogni amante del death metal vecchia scuola più oscuro. In più, per me è stata anche un'importante occasione per rivedere in azione i Sepolcro, di cui mi sono praticamente innamorato l'anno scorso, quando sono venuti qui sempre al 360. E, insieme a loro, altri giovani grupponi uno più figo dell'altro, cioè i milanesi Morbus Grave e gli eroi locali Thulsa Doom.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Come on, burn my ears! #2

Hey brutalbangers,
one month ago I didn't think I'd published the Timpani allo Spiedo's playlist on a monthly basis but, finally, here you are its second episode!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I Maiali - "Cvlto" (OverDub Recordings, 2019)

Band: I Maiali
Title: Cvlto
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Noise
Time: 29.08 min
Release Date: 22nd March 2019
Vote: 73/100

Hey brutalbangers,
this is the first review written on this 'zine by Marta Rose, a punk girl and a friend of mine that, one month ago circa, asked me if she could write something for my 'zine. Well, I accepted her proposal without any doubts, so I sent her the first album of I Maiali, a post-hardcore band from Rome whose "Cvlto" was released by OverDub Recordings, a label already known on these pages thanks to my recent reviews about Fankàz and Bioscrape. I think that her first review is very good but let's stop this chitchat and please start to read it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Marci su Roma 2 Fest (Rome, 2nd November 2019)

Festival: Marci su Roma 2 Fest
Date: 2nd November 2019
Location: CSOA Strike
Price: 8 €

Service communication:

if you don't still know the existence of it, my ebook about the first wave of black metal called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" was released on 24th March 2019. Unfortunately, it is written only in Italian but, surely, into it there aren't the over-rehearsed sounds à la Lord of Chaos. If you want to buy my ebook, you can order it through the best Italian and International stores like FeltrinelliIBSAmazon and Google Books. Thank you in advance!


I saw incredible things this 2nd November 2019 at the Strike squat! In fact, that night the second edition of the HC punk festival Marci su Roma was held, and there is need to say that this festival has now become a great appointment. If you remember well, the first edition was located at the 360 pub, but this location is so little that the fest was slightly a mess since there were too attendants. This year the organizers thought well to keep the fest at the Strike squat, that, instead, is a great place fit for this kind of important events. Another notable difference with the previous edition is that the fest, while it featured only Italian bands in 2018, is international now because, among the 12 bands in the bill, there were two acts coming from abroad, precisely from UK and Scotland: I am respectively talking about The Restarts and, especially, the Scottish legends Oi Polloi. Instead, the political sense, in a strong anarchist way, of this fest is essentially the same, and it isn't a case if Marci su Roma 2 was organized at the Strike, a squat under menace of eviction since some months.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sabotage - "The Order of Genocide" (Self-released, 2019)

Band: Sabotage
Title: The Order of Genocide
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 16.31 min
Release Date: 3rd August 2019
Vote: 72/100

Ultimately India is shocking the metal world underground with unhuman bands such as Tetragammacide and Kapala, that have a lot of fun by raping the listeners' ears with a noisy and very particular way to intend the bestial black/death metal. But, in according to what the Bengal agency Qabar Extreme Music is sending me in these times, India is able to offer also something more than that lethal black noise. This is confirmed by post-hardcore acts like Death by Fungi and Pacifist (that will be reviewed in the next days to come) but also by a thrash metal band named Sabotage, that are very young since they were founded only in 2017 but their "The Order of Genocide" EP shows a great self-confidence. So, let's go today to discover the Indian thrash metal movement!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gruzja - "I iść dalej" (Godz ov War Productions, 2019)

Band: Gruzja
Title: I iść dalej
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Time: 28.49 min
Release Date: 27th February 2019
Vote: 90/100

There is a band in Poland that made the promotional video for a song taken from their first album, and the absurdity is that that video is very fukken strange because it's full of amateurish porno footage! Simply thanks to this detail, you can already understand how much these Gruzja are bizzarre... but you have not seen anything yet! So, welcome to this review about "I iść dalej", the first album by Gruzja, that was released in early 2019 by Godz ov War Productions, a label able to support not only traditional extreme bands but also some stuff in the sign of the total madness. And believe me that Gruzja, whose main singer wear on stage a suit and tie but with an iron cross in the forehead, surely belongs to the "total madness" category!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Stige+Verano's Dogs+Krangs+Sbocco Nichilista (Rome, 25th October 2019)

Gruppi: Stige+Verano's Dogs+Krangs+Sbocco Nichilista
Data: 25 ottobre 2019
Locale: Trecentosessantagradi
Ingresso: 5 €

In barba al pallosissimo sciopero dei mezzi di trasporto che venerdì 25 ottobre ha colpito la città praticamente per tutto il giorno, alcuni coraggiosi se ne sono fottuti allegramente andando lo stesso al concerto estremo che si è tenuto al 360. A organizzare 'sta serata all'insegna della sobrietà ci ha pensato Metal Against Shit di Ulderico, cantante/bassista dei Verano's Dogs, cioè colui che, insieme alla Sycamore Shows, fece venire a Roma gli anarco-black metallers inglesi Dawn Ray'd. La scaletta, all'insegna del metal estremo ma con qualche sana derivazione "core", ha visto 4 gruppi alternarsi sul palco, fra cui proprio i Verano's Dogs.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Flavio Adducci: intervista radiofonica in arrivo su MetalWave On-Air!

Hey brutalbangers,
sappiate che domani, 3 novembre 2019, io risponderò a un'intervista radiofonica per parlare di "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero", il mio libro sulla first wave of black metal.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Of Fire - "Dräparen" (Art Gates Records, 2019)

Band: Of Fire
Title: Dräparen
Genre: Death Metal with some Black Metal influences
Time: 38.37 min
Release Date: 28th June 2019
Rating: 88/100

For you, what could comes up from a Swedish band whose album called "Dräparen" was recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studios by none other than Tomas Skogsberg, the man that, in practice, forged the typical sound of the old-school Swedish death metal? The right answer is less obvious than you can imagine, but this is normal for a band belonging to the roster of Art Gates Records, a label that never release obvious or predictable stuff.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Hey brutalbangers,
I follow All My Sins since "Lunar/Solar" and, starting from that EP, I thought already that I was in presence of one of the best black metal bands out there nowadays. They confirmed this impression of mine not only with the subsequent "Zov iz Magle" single but, especially, with the monumental "Pra Sila - Vukov Totem", a debut album able to reward all their efforts made in these last years. So, after all these enthusiastic reviews and even after their inclusion in the first Timpani allo Spiedo's playlist, an interview to All My Sins was inevitable on these pages, also since I was very thrilled  to unveil some aspects of the band that, surely, can't be discovered only through their music. Hence, here you are a very interesting interview with answers by Nav Cosmos and V., both representing the core of the band!


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Psychoneurosis: crowdfunding for Sonia!

Hey brutalbangers,
this is a very important news: a crowdfunding has been launched to help Rafał "Sonia", singer of the fantastic Polish grind freaks Psychoneurosis, because he has an inoperable pancreatic cancer.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Rake-Off - "Goin' Mental" (DIY co-production, 2019)

Gruppo: Rake-Off
Titolo: Goin' Mental
Genere: Hardcore Punk metallizzato
Durata: 18.16 min
Data di pubblicazione: 22 giugno 2019
Voto: 89/100

Comunicazione di servizio:

sarà forse la millesima volta che ve lo annuncio ma sappiate che il 24 marzo 2019 è uscito il mio libro sulla first wave of black metal intitolato "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero". Se volete sapere qualcosina sulle gesta degli Hellhammer, Sodom, Bathory ma anche di gruppi un pochino meno famosi come Parabellum, Vulga e chi più ne ha più ne metta, questo libro fa per voi. Ah, puntualizzo che è un ebook e che si può comprare attraverso i migliori stores digitali come Amazon, IBS, Google Books e altri. Comprate, leggete e poi fatemi sapere, eh! DAJE!!!


Torna finalmente su queste lordissime pagine l'abruzzese THC DIY Prod, e lo fa in grande stile con i Rake-Off, che qui a Roma conosciamo benissimo essendo loro degli eroi locali della nostra scena hardcore punk. Infatti, quest'anno i Rake-Off sono tornati con un nuovo album, il terzo, stampato in un bel formato vinilico in una co-produzione che vede coinvolte ben 7 etichette discografiche: Mastice Produzioni, Time to Kill Records, Rumori in Cantina, Fast'n'Loud Rec, Timebomb Rec, Nuclear Chaos Rec e, appunto, la THC DIY Prod, che è gestita, lo ricordiamo, da AldoHC dei grandi MuD. Bene, il nuovo album dei Rake-Off s'intitola "Goin' Mental"... anche se, per alcuni, a giudicare dalle nuove sonorità del quintetto romano  il titolo più corretto dovrebbe essere "Goin' Metal"! Indovinate perché!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Honorable Mentions from the Abyss #12: Violent Opposition+Strappado+Grevia+VHS

Hey brutalbangers,
it's been a while that there are no episodes of "Honorable Mentions from the Abyss", so I'm going to resume it just today.
Hence, today you'll have the occasion to meet in a single time 4 bands that are mostly linked, in some ways, with grindcore. And one of them plays grindcore in a very original way, so...


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kinestence - "Transmutation" (Self-released, 2019)

Band: Kinestence
Title: Transmutation
Genre: Industrial Death Metal
Time: 14.51 min
Release date: 19th March 2019
Rating: 64/100

Fuck, I could consider myself as an expert of the Polish extreme metal in a way better than a Polish metalhead such are the albums that I regularly receive from Poland haha! In fact, after Warfist, here you are another band coming from that country. Its name is Kinestence and is a trio whose singer Sebastian "Sirius" Syroczyński has already been known on these putrid pages thanks to his militancy in the brutal/grindsters Gnida. Well, he and his two comrades Wojtek Dmochovski and Jarek Myszkowski decided just year to give birth to this strange creature called Kinestence, self-releasing in March 2019, in a nice CD digipack format in my possession, a 3-track demo that, distributed by Mythrone Promotion, isn't absolutely perfect but presents an interesting mix of styles that will surely likes to everyone into experimental stuff.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire (Rome, 5th October 2019)

Bands: One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire
Location: Forte Prenestino, Roma
Date: 5th October 2019
Entrance: 5 €

Ultimately many bands belonging to the history of HC punk are going to play here in Rome. Some examples? Madball, Circle One, Asocial, Avskum... and now you must count in this list of HC giants also One Way System, the British legends that are out there to do some damage since 1978. In fact, today we'll talk about their ultra-intense gig kept at the Forte Prenestino squat on 5th October 2019. But to say the entire truth, I went there also to see in action one of the three supporting acts: Obscene Revenge, whose debut album, that I received one year ago from THC DIY Prod, amazed me a lot. So, let's start with this new live report... and I guarantee that you will read plenty of absurd, funny things!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Warfist - "Grünberger" (Godz ov War Productions, 2019)

Band: Warfist
Title: Grünberger
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Time: 37.23 min
Release Date: 27th February 2019
Rating: 83/100

Ladies and gentlemen, here you are Warfist! 2 days ago I featured them into the first Timpani allo Spiedo's playlist, that you can play at the right of the blog. And as I promised, this is the review of "Grünberger", the devastating third album of Warfist, a Polish horde that, before releasing their debut album in 2014, released a bunch of stuff like 2 demos, an EP and 4 splits since their foundation in 2004. Now, they are only in 2 members, and one of them, the singer/guitarplayer Mihu, is one of their original founders. Instead, they become a trio for the live gigs with the addition of Nechrist (Arkona, Witchmaster...), with which Warfist participated this year in the renowned Polish open air festival Black Silesia, that this time saw in action bands of the calibre of Hellfire Deathcult, Pseudogod, Varathron, Nunslaughter and even the legendary Tormentor. But now what's about "Grünberger"?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Come on, burn my ears! #1

Hey brutalbangers,
finally today I decided to give life to "Come on, burn my ears!", the playlist of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Night Gaunt: very first line-up changes since the foundation!

Hey brutalbangers,
today I must give you a sad news regarding Night Gaunt that, throughout the years, are become one of the best Italian doom metal bands of these last times, also because, for example, they toured in the UK and shared the stage with bands such as Black Oath and Abysmal Grief.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sepolcro - "Amorphous Mass" (Unholy Domain Records/Dismal Fate Records, 2019)

Band: Sepolcro
Title: Amorphous Mass
Genre: Death Metal
Time: 20.18 min
Release Date: 15th May 2019
Rating: 74/100

Service communication:

if you don't still know the existence of it, my ebook about the first wave of black metal called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" was released on 24th March 2019. Unfortunately, it is written only in Italian but, surely, into it there aren't the over-rehearsed things à la Lord of Chaos. If you want to buy my ebook, you can order it through the best Italian and International stores like FeltrinelliIBSAmazon and Google Books. Thank you in advance!


No bullshits, I think that Sepolcro, since I saw them live one year ago even though I never heard them before, is one of the best Italian death metal bands emerged in these last years! They confirmed again this impression through an outstanding EP recently published on CD via Unholy Domain Records as well on cassette via Dismal Fate Rec, that's the personal label of Hannes, the young (only 22 years old!) but hyper-active singer/drummer of the same Sepolcro! So, I've to say already that "Amorphous Mass", that the Italian agency Anubi Press sent me some time ago, promise plenty of good things to come for a band that, despite their foundation in 2011, is still without a debut album.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

No More Lies: videoclip for "Amici non ne ho"!

Hey brutalbangers,
after Definite, also No More Lies have now a video on Hardcore Worldwide, the famous YouTube channel completely specialized on hardcore punk and related genres!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

O.D.R.A/Parh - "O.D.R.A/Parh" (Mythrone Promotion/Defense Records, 2019)

Bands: O.D.R.A/Parh
Title: O.D.R.A/Parh
Genre: Sludge Metal
Time: 35.12 min
Release Date: 30th March 2019
Rating: 72

You know, generally I don't like so much the slow metal but, as always, there are some exceptions also in this case. This case is about sludge metal, a doom metal variation that I like more because it's influenced a lot by hardcore punk, so it's more aggressive and violent if compared with the classic doom metal. Obviously, there are sludge metal bands that are more aggressive and hardcore punk-oriented than others, as greatly exemplified just by this split between two Polish sludgy acts that I'm going to review today. Released by Mythrone Promotion along with Defense Records (both are usually used to produce more violent stuff), this split see as main characters the prolific O.D.R.A and the younger Parh, and each of them plays the same genre in two very different ways. So let's discover their own ways now!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Go! Fest #9 (Rome, 21st September 2019)

Festival: Go! Fest #9
Location: CSOA Spartaco, Rome (Italy)
Date: 21st September 2019
Price: 10 €

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if you don't still know the existence of it, my ebook about the first wave of black metal called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" was released on 24th March 2019. Unfortunately, it is written only in Italian but, surely, into it there aren't the over-rehearsed sounds à la Lord of Chaos. If you want to buy my ebook, you can order it through the best Italian and International stores like FeltrinelliIBSAmazon and Google Books. Thank you in advance!


Believe it or not, 21st September 2019 was so challenging for me that, in a way or another, I managed to be awake for 23 fukken hours! In fact, before the Go! Fest I had to go by train even in Anzio (a town in south of Rome) for the birthday party of a friend of mine. That's why I was able to be at CSOA Spartaco for the "Italian fastest festival" only starting from 9 pm, and this means that I missed to see the first 5 bands in the bill like the Dutch power violence unit Gewoon Fucking Raggen, the brutal/grindsters Inglorious Basterds and the primitive black/death metallers Thecodontion, that opened the fest. I hoped to see some of them but, incredibly, this time the organizers were so precise and punctual that (almost) every band played during their own scheduled time, so the fest started effectively the hostilities at 5 pm or something else, as anticipated by Pompeo (Taste the Floor/Verano's Dogs/Go! Fest organization) some days before. And as always, this fest has been a great occasion of fun and aggregation  since the venue was really full of people coming from the entire Italy as well from other European countries. Ooookay, but now so what? So, let's go to see what happened in the 9th edition of the Go! Fest!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cripple Bastards - "La fine cresce da dentro" (Relapse Records, 2018)

Band: Cripple Bastards
Title: La fine cresce da dentro
Genre: Grindcore
Time: 29.03 min
Release date: 9th November 2018
Rating: 92/100

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if you don't still know the existence of it, my ebook about the first wave of black metal called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" was released on 24th March 2019. Unfortunately, it is written only in Italian but, surely, into it there aren't the over-rehearsed things à la Lord of Chaos. If you want to buy my ebook, you can order it through the best Italian and International stores like FeltrinelliIBSAmazon and Google Books. Thank you in advance!


I still remember, as if it were yesterday, how was bestial and intense the show that Cripple Bastards did last year at the Traffic Live Club in Rome. The violent moshpit, the hallucinated looks on us by Giulio the Bastard, the precise but devastating performances of the band, the general craziness of that night... WOW, that's I call a very fukken memorable gig! Well, Cripple Bastards come back today on these pages because now you're preparing to read a review about their 7th album "La fine cresce da dentro" (Italian for "the end grows within"). Even though it is relatively old since it was released in the end of 2018, I received it during the early days of 2019 by the Italian agency Anubi Press, whose owner Luca Pessina wrote many years ago for the now defunct Grind Zone, surely the most extreme metal magazine that you could to find at the Italian newsstands! Now let me say already that "La fine cresce da dentro" deserves a lot but it cannot be otherwise also because it is the second album of the band released by Relapse Records, a label always ready to release very extreme but also a bit unconventional stuff. And Cripple Bastards are both!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dhole - "Dove mitigano i dubbi e nascono credenze" (DIY co-production, 2018)

Gruppo: Dhole
Titolo: Dove mitigano i dubbi e nascono credenze
Genere: Screamo/Post-Rock/Shoegaze
Durata: 28.03 min
Data di uscita: 15 novembre 2018
Voto: 78/100

Certe volte mi arrivano delle richieste di recensione un po' strane. Una volta mi ricordo che un gruppo prog rock polacco mi chiese la recensione, come pure un artista italiano ambient (o qualcosa del genere). Premesso che ovviamente apprezzo anche altri generi al di fuori del metal (estremo) e dell'hardcore punk (e il prog rock è uno fra quelli che più mi piacciono), essi comunque non c'entrano fondamentalmente una cippa di nulla col tipico format di Timpani allo Spiedo. Poi però ti arriva "a tradimento", cioè senza averlo chiesto, perfino un CD fisico di un gruppo che suona un genere che non tratti, e, come ti succede per tutti i CD fisici che ti arrivano visto che questi per te hanno la priorità rispetto ai promo digitali, ti senti moralmente obbligato non solo ad ascoltarlo per bene ma anche a recensirlo, sempre per bene. Infatti, qualche mese fa (non mi ricordo però quando), la True Bypass Promotion (la stessa che mi mandò tempo fa i ['selvɘ]) mi ha inviato totalmente a sorpresa in CD digipack il nuovo, secondo album dei lombardi Dhole, uscito l'anno scorso per conto della Overdrive, che l'ha co-prodotto insieme ad altre etichette italiane, a volte dai nomi bizzarri, come Nothing Left Records, Longrail Records, Dreaming Gorilla Records, E' un brutto posto dove vivere Records e Non ti seguo Records. Ora, probabilmente io sono il meno adatto in assoluto a recensire questo "Dove mitigano i dubbi e nascono credenze" visto che praticamente non me ne intendo di dischi del genere ma comunque, per dirla con Barney Stinson, "la sfida è accettata!". Quindi vediamo cosa hanno da offrirci questi Dhole!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Pandemic - "Deaf Nite" (Defense Records, 2018)

Band: Pandemic
Title: Deaf Nite
Genre: Thrash Metal
Time: 18.19 min
Release Date: 15th September 2018
Rating: 73/100

There are cool stories that don't last long. A story of this kind is about Sebastian "Sharp" Wikar, a thrash metal maniac that in 2015 realized his dream to form, indeed, a thrash metal band. That band was named Pandemic and their first show was held in their native Krakow (Poland) in the early Spring of 2016. After two years, Sharp started to work on the first Pandemic's demo but, unfortunately, he would never saw the final result of his efforts. This because he prematurely died at the age of 22 years on 9th March 2018 due to an unexpected blood clot. At least, Sharp lives in "Deaf Nite", a demo that, released by Defense Records and sent me some months ago by Mythrone Promotion, was completely composed by himself also about the lyrical contents.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Circle One+Ira+Fronte della Spirale+The Ammonoids (Rome, 6th September 2019)

Bands: Circle One+Ira+Fronte della Spirale+The Ammonoids
Date: 6th September 2019
Location: Trecentosessantagradi, Rome
Price: 5 €

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if you don't still know the existence of it, my ebook about the first wave of black metal called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" was released on 24th March 2019. Unfortunately, it is written only in Italian but, surely, into it there aren't the over-rehearsed sounds à la Lord of Chaos. If you want to buy my ebook, you can order it through the best Italian and International stores like Feltrinelli, IBS, Amazon and Google Books. Thank you in advance!


Only few hours later coming back in my Rome after a very nice 5-day trip in Valencia, Spain, I attended the first live gig of the new season of Trecentosessantagradi (also known as 360), in 6th September 2019. The occasion was really unmissable because the headliners of that gig were nothing else than Circle One. They are a Los Angeles hardcore punk band founded even in 1980 that in 2008 released "Never Give Up", their comeback album after their first 1983 album, that was recorded with the legendary singer John Macias, unfortunately murdered by the police in 1992. As supporters, there were 3 young bands mostly coming from the Lazio's area, offering a line-up stylistically various enough to create interest also in the more casual attendants, even though every band is, more or less, into the hardcore punk spectrum.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Nel Segno del Marchio Nero: un po' di curiosità!

Nella mia vita ho sempre scritto molto e continuo a farlo. Anzi, mi piace talmente tanto scrivere che in passato non ho solo tentato di scrivere dei saggi musicali (tipo sul death metal italiano delle origini o sull'NWOBHM) senza però mai terminarli, ma anche perfino dei romanzi, effettivamente terminati ma mai pubblicati perché, alla fin della fiera, non li ho più trovati di mio gradimento per varie ragioni. In particolare, il primo romanzo era ispirato agli spaghetti western (mia grande passione cinematografica) e parlava di un messicano in guerra contro il mondo dopo che gli hanno ucciso la moglie, mentre l'altro era praticamente un plagio a "The Breakfast Club", teen movie di culto degli anni '80 che letteralmente adoro. Finalmente però, quest'anno sono riuscito, per la prima volta in vita mia, a pubblicare un libro fatto e finito, che come sapete è un saggio musicale sulla first wave of black metal: "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero".

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Anifernyen: new single/lyric video unleashed!

Hey brutalbangers,
the Portuguese melodic black/death metallers Anifernyen, that contacted me some days ago after reading my review about their friends in Moonshade, released recently a new single called "Eldritch Moon"!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Extinction Remains - "Smog" (Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, 2019)

Band: Extinction Remains
Title: Smog
Genre: Crusty Death/Doom Metal
Time: 31.32 min
Release Date: 30th March 2019
Rating: 75/100

Human being dissasociate with rivers, animals, forests and land
Greed is accelerating environmental collapse
The so called progress is killing us and killing land
How tomorrow is going to be?

It will be worse

You can find these joyful words on the booklet of "Smog", a compilation incorporating, in a single CD, all of the releases edited so far by Extinction Remains, a promising Brazilian quartet with strong ecologist and anti-capitalist views. Exactly, in this compilation there are the "Ecologic Noise" debut demo (2013) and the two EPs "Genetics of Defeat" (2016) and "Human Disaster Never Ending" (2017), both self-released. After years with no labels interested in their work, Extinction Remains finally found even two labels to release some months ago this compilation. And I've must say already that Defense Rec and Mythrone Prom did very well to release it because they discovered a very interesting band!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Candura - "/I" (GreySun Records, 2018)

Band: Candura
Title: /I
Genre: Drone/Black Noise
Time: 35.42 min
Release Date: 13th October 2018
Rating: 70/100

Portugal isn't only raw black metal (Black Cilice, Trono Além Morte...) nor violent thrash metal (Perpetrator, Toxik Attack...) but also something infinitely heavier like Candura! They plays a kind of music going very beyond the genres usually faced on this 'zine but, at the same time, they completely deserve to be featured on these pages because they are really extreme! And if memory serves, you can find something similar here only with the Italian project Bleeding Void of Utter Mysticism but these ones, in comparison with Candura, sounds "light"! So, today I will scare you with this duo from Portugal that contacted me in November 2018 to ask me to review their debut full-lenght album, mysteriously entitled "/I", released last year through GreySun Records, an obscure US label located in Portland, Oregon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Nifrost: new single from their upcoming second album!

Hey brutalbangers,
the Norwegian viking black metallers Nifrost have recently released a second single extracted from their upcoming second album "Blykrone", that will be edited on CD, vinyl and digitally by the Italian label Dusktone.