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One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire (Rome, 5th October 2019)

Bands: One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire
Location: Forte Prenestino, Roma
Date: 5th October 2019
Entrance: 5 €

Ultimately many bands belonging to the history of HC punk are going to play here in Rome. Some examples? Madball, Circle One, Asocial, Avskum... and now you must count in this list of HC giants also One Way System, the British legends that are out there to do some damage since 1978. In fact, today we'll talk about their ultra-intense gig kept at the Forte Prenestino squat on 5th October 2019. But to say the entire truth, I went there also to see in action one of the three supporting acts: Obscene Revenge, whose debut album, that I received one year ago from THC DIY Prod, amazed me a lot. So, let's start with this new live report... and I guarantee that you will read plenty of absurd, funny things!

Well, the first supporting act to play was a band that opened just for the mighty Madball this Summer: Choke Wire. Actually, I didn't see them since Questa è Roma, so I had a nice pleasure to see them on a stage after a lot of time. They played very well, showing their muscular hardcore punk with a bunch of scrapping thrash metal influences. In these last times they are working on new stuff, so it isn't a case if they played a new song during their setlist. The Kali Yuga Riders (Choke Wire dub themselves in this way...) provoked a good moshpit, even though, during it, someone lost his phone but, fortunately, he recovered it also with the help of the same band singer. And unfortunately, I took no photos of Choke Wire because I was drinking my precious Peroni and, despite my usual attitudes, neither I moshed in the entire night because I was affected by a shitty cold! Fuck that, the important thing was to be there!

I didn't follow very much the exhibition of Tacita, the second supporting act. I remember that I saw them during their last 3 songs or something else. Anyway, those "3 songs or something else" were enough to see a band on fire with their classic street punk/Oi! characterized by a good sense of melody and by Italian lyrics fit to be shouted all together along with a singer spitting out rough and gnashing vocals. I don't remember much moshing during Tacita but, by judging by the gang choruses, the attendants appreciated well their performance.

And now, here you are Obscene Revenge! I was very curious to see them and the nicer thing is that they exceeded even my higher expectations. This because, firstly, they did an outstanding concert in which they played many anthems taken from their debut album "Try to Deny This" such as "State of Police", "Nuclear Trap", "Bastard Religion Mediatic Whore", "City Falls" and, above all, that "Antifascist" that, at a certain point, I requested to the band to play it. Secondly, because the response by the public was really awesome, and this isn't obvious for a not so known band coming from another Italian region. And thirdly, because Obscene Revenge shown on stage an unexpected metallic side that, if possible, makes wilder their music thanks to their guitarplayer that, for example, played some virtuosistic solos as if we were at a shred metal concert haha! Many are the unforgettable moments happened during Obscene Revenge, so how can I forget that dog that...entered the pit? Or all the times when a friend of mine went on stage to sing along with the singer? And you have to think that another friend of mine fell so in love with Obscene Revenge that he bought their t-shirt! Well done, Obscene Revenge, YOU ARE FUKKEN AMAZING!

At this point, the atmosphere was so hot that every of us was perfectly ready for One Way System. In fact, we saw something grandiose because One Way System, despite their age, destroyed our ears (as well our bodies!) with a performance incredibly intense! This is more relevant considering they are playing with 2 members of their historic line-up (Dave Ross on guitars and Tommy Couch on drums) while their bassplayer Andy Wilkinson is with them since 1995 and their singer Jay Susel since 2010 circa. Speaking about Jay, I remember that he was a little drunken but also a lot furious and engaging. But, in particular, I tattoed on my brain a crazy moment in which an attendant even offered a cigarrette to Jay just when he was shouting...but Jay didn't appreciate this offering because he thrown out the cigarrette haha! I had a lot of fun by seeing my friends moshing, and one of them pushed me shortly into the pit... but I remember even a woman that "moshed" by pushing from behind the true moshing heads, with the consequence that someone pushed her so strongly that she fell on the ground, so she stopped to mosh haha! In brief, One Way System spewed forth during their so-called "golden years" an anthem known as "Give Us a Future" but, by judging by their longtime career as well by the incredible enthusiasm of the public, they effectively built their own future. Great!

After all this shit, can I add something else? I can say only that, without taking anything from Choke Wire and TacitaObscene Revenge (that now are touring in Europe playing also in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, France and Slovenia) and the legendary One Way System were, for me, the best bands that night. But it couldn't be otherwise, also because that has been the first gig ever of One Way System in Rome as well their exclusive Italian date, so the occasion was unmissable in every sense for the HC punk maniacs. All this is enough now since other words are totally useful, so fuck them and enjoy the following last pics!




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