Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Go! Fest #9 (Rome, 21st September 2019)

Festival: Go! Fest #9
Location: CSOA Spartaco, Rome (Italy)
Date: 21st September 2019
Price: 10 €

Service communication:

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Believe it or not, 21st September 2019 was so challenging for me that, in a way or another, I managed to be awake for 23 fukken hours! In fact, before the Go! Fest I had to go by train even in Anzio (a town in south of Rome) for the birthday party of a friend of mine. That's why I was able to be at CSOA Spartaco for the "Italian fastest festival" only starting from 9 pm, and this means that I missed to see the first 5 bands in the bill like the Dutch power violence unit Gewoon Fucking Raggen, the brutal/grindsters Inglorious Basterds and the primitive black/death metallers Thecodontion, that opened the fest. I hoped to see some of them but, incredibly, this time the organizers were so precise and punctual that (almost) every band played during their own scheduled time, so the fest started effectively the hostilities at 5 pm or something else, as anticipated by Pompeo (Taste the Floor/Verano's Dogs/Go! Fest organization) some days before. And as always, this fest has been a great occasion of fun and aggregation  since the venue was really full of people coming from the entire Italy as well from other European countries. Ooookay, but now so what? So, let's go to see what happened in the 9th edition of the Go! Fest!