Friday, August 30, 2019

Extinction Remains - "Smog" (Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, 2019)

Band: Extinction Remains
Title: Smog
Genre: Crusty Death/Doom Metal
Time: 31.32 min
Release Date: 30th March 2019
Rating: 75/100

Human being dissasociate with rivers, animals, forests and land
Greed is accelerating environmental collapse
The so called progress is killing us and killing land
How tomorrow is going to be?

It will be worse

You can find these joyful words on the booklet of "Smog", a compilation incorporating, in a single CD, all of the releases edited so far by Extinction Remains, a promising Brazilian quartet with strong ecologist and anti-capitalist views. Exactly, in this compilation there are the "Ecologic Noise" debut demo (2013) and the two EPs "Genetics of Defeat" (2016) and "Human Disaster Never Ending" (2017), both self-released. After years with no labels interested in their work, Extinction Remains finally found even two labels to release some months ago this compilation. And I've must say already that Defense Rec and Mythrone Prom did very well to release it because they discovered a very interesting band!