Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota - "In Fear We Trust" (DIY coalition, 2019)

Bands: Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota
Title: In Fear We Trust
Genre: Grindcore
Time: 13.46 min
Release date: 4th October 2019
Vote: 75/100

This split between three grindcore bands has a very particular meaning. In fact, “In Fear We Trust” is unfortunately to be considered as the last release of Psychoneurosis with their late singer Sonia, just the man that reformed them after many years of silence. Some months ago a crowdfunding for Sonia was started in order to help him to fight his pancreatic cancer, and also I contributed to this initiative by donating 4 €. Even though the crowdfunding was a big success, Sonia (R.I.P.) isn’t among us anymore. So, I believe that a nice review about his last gestures in studio as a singer are mandatory, so here you are this split called, indeed, “In Fear We Trust”, that see, in addition to Psychoneurosis, Herida Profunda (already known on these pages) and the Dutch quartet Suffering Quota (that in 2017 published a split with the tremendous grindcore machine My Minds Mine from The Netherlands, too). Be prepared to listen to something very devastating!