Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trajeto de Cabra - "Antichrist Dominum" (2013)

Demotape (Iron Bonehead Productions, January 16th 2013)

Line – up:     Goat Plague Messiah – guitars/vocals;
                      Perverser of Unholy Disorder – bass/vocals;
                     Blood Lust Abominator of Ritual War Incantations – drums/vocals.

Location:      Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).

Better song of the demo:

“Whores of God’s Perversions”.

Better feature of the music:

Its madness…
 Trajeto de Cabra - Antichrist Dominum
Canada, the land of obstinate experimenters like Cryptopsy or Voivod. But Canada is also the land of the rapers of every musical aestheticism like Blasphemy or Conqueror, bishops of the style known as bestial black/death metal. In fact, Trajeto de Cabra (that means, in Portuguese, “Path of the Goat”) belong to this ultra – extreme genre and they are even consisted of 3 forming members of the Necroholocaust, band well – known in this sector, though they continue to publish only splits after 10 years of militant aggression. But, attention, Trajeto de Cabra isn’t a copy-and-taste band, since they play a music very different and personal than the Necroholocaust. And the absurd thing is that somebody says that the bestial black/death metal is static in its auditory extremism, what a bullshit!

“Antichrist Dominum” represents the very first assault of this new wicked creature, consisting of 3 tracks (with included the intro), where you can listen a strange, violent but hallucinate music. The vocal work consists of “ignorant” and dark growls complete with a oppressive reverb a là Nocturnal Blood. The riffing is something sick and black metal oriented than the other acts of this sub – genre, while the first track, that is “Whores of God’s Perversions”, contains the only solo, frenetic and disturbing, of the demo. In addition, the drum work, also if full of blast – beats, doesn’t disdain at times some surprising refinements. But you must absolutely forget the slow parts, that are totally absent here.

The songs’ structure is another unusual aspect of Trajeto de Cabra’s music. In fact, the tracks are based on a crude and paranoic obsessivity, repeating either a same riff again and again or, almost ad libitum, 2 – 3 musical solutions in sequence, like in the aforementioned “Whores of God’s Perversion”. However, the music hasn’t played in a mechanical way because, for example, the drums are able to dynamize it through sudden tempo shifts also into a same passage. Besides this, the unstoppable pace of the songs is sometimes interrupted by a very effective pause, like that one in feedback of “Chaos Serpent”, that is the shorter song of the demotape considering its 2 minutes and a half circa of length, while the other ones ranges from the 4 (the titletrack) to 5 minutes (“Whores of God’s Perversions”). Another thing to mention about the songs’ structure is that the band prefers sometimes conclude them in a very abrupt way, so to create a mad atmosphere in a better manner.

For the rest, the production is dark and dirty, but at times the guitars are obscured by the vocals and their reverb, also because they have the tendency to shoot growls/semi – screams without words, as it happens often during the delirious finale  of “Whores of God’s Perversion”.
 Trajeto de Cabra - Photo
To sum it up, we have ahead here a very interesting and merciless band with a bunch of curious characteristics. Hence, I hope that their journey continues and that, above all, they’ll release a full – length album under this new name, also because the experience accumulated over the years is too and very sufficient to do it. For now, buy and enjoy this demotape limited to 300 copies and fuck every hesitation!

Vote: 77

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Whores of God’s Perversions/ 2 – Antichrist Dominum/ 3 – Chaos Serpent