Monday, April 24, 2017

Acrimonious - "Eleven Dragons" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Acrimonious
Title: Eleven Dragons
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 20th March 2017
Time: 66 min
Rating: 88/100

For me, the Greek black metal is always an uninterrupted and fascinating discovery, also because its bands are able every time to amaze me. These Acrimonious aren't an exception, a great trio (but a quartet 5 years ago with the Swedish vocalist ar-Ra'd al-Iblis), born in 2002, guided since the early days by the singer/guitarist Cain Letifer and composed also, since the 2012 full-lenght titled "Sunyata", of the drummer C. Docre (Thy Darkened Shade's live member) and the guitarist/bassist Semjaza 218 (the mastermind of the same Thy Darkened Shade).Together, they released recently a fantastic third album named "Eleven Dragons", underlining curiously with this title one of the features typical of the albums edited by the German label World Terror Committee considering that many of them contains, in fact, eleven songs.