Thursday, January 12, 2017

Draugsól - "Volaða Land" (Signal Rex Productions, 2017)

Band: Draugsól
Title: Volaða Land
Genre: Black metal
Year: 2017
Time: 37 min
Rating: 91/100

Iceland is something miracolous! In fact, it is relatively isolated from the rest of Europe and has mostly uninhabited due to its very strong volcanic activity, so this insular Nation is comprised only of 321.000 inhabitants circa. Despite of all this, the Icelandic National football team, during the 2016’s Europeans Cup, reached the quarter finals after playing very well against great teams. And don’t forget that Iceland has even a good popular music tradition since the success of the dark post-punkers KUKL in the early ‘80s. But do you know that one of the first proto-black metal bands was Icelandic? Oh yeah, guys, I’m talking about the mysterious Flames of Hell, a trio maker of the legendary “Fire and Steel” (1987), an album of a visionary black metal like few others characterized by a totally demented singer.

Fortunately, the Icelandic black metal has not stood to those 3 madmen because it has gone even further creating also music of an excellent quality, as shown today by a band like Draugsól. This band comes from the capital city Reykjavík but, to speak the truth, any biographic information about these 3 guys is unknown. Anyway, their debut album “Volaða Land” will be released on vinyl by Signal Rex Productions (an excellent Portuguese black metal label a bit experimental) around 13th January 2017. Said frankly, the metallic 2017 has started with the better fireworks!