Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shaarimoth - "Temple of the Adversarial Fire" (World Terror Committee, 2017)

Band: Shaarimoth
Title: Temple of the Adversarial Fire
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Year: 13th January 2017
Time: 48 min
Rating: 90/100

Shaarimoth is a very strange band! Firstly, they belongs to the roster of World Terror Committee but they don't plays that religious black metal loved and supported systematically by the aforementioned label, despite their very occult themes spotted even into their tendency to release albums characterised always by 11 songs (it seems that the number 11 has a strong esoteric meaning) . Secondly, Shaarimoth aren't a prolific band considering they realized since their foundation (2004) only two productions, both full-lenght albums. The last of these ones is the here reviewed "Temple of the Adversarial Fire", released recently. But what isn't strange is that this album, as it happens for many productions of W.T.C., deserve the whole attention of the extreme metalheads. And don't forget that Shaarimoth (that contains ex-Disiplin members) comes from Norway, that was the promised land of black metal in the '90s while now it's full of the wilder death/thrash metal bands of the entire world like Deathhammer, Reptilian and others.