Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rienaus - "Saatanalle" (Kvlt, 2017)

Band: Rienaus
Title: Saatanalle
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 26th May 2017
Time: 37 min
Rating: 81/100

In your opinion, what is the genre played by a band called Rienaus (Finnish for "blasphemy") and whose new album, presented with a cover artwork where you can see a cold and winterly landscape, is titled "Saatanalle" ("To Satan", simply)? Mmmh...but BLACK METAL, without any fuckin' doubts! In fact, Rienaus are a band so well respected in the underground Finnish black metal scene to be appeared into "The Devil's Cradle", the book, written by the journalist Tero Ik√§heimonen and released recently by Svart Records, dedicated, indeed, to the black metal of the Finnish lands, that I'm reading in these days. So, Rienaus, born in 2008 initially as a one-man band of Mavrofos that is helped now by some session musicians for the studio releases but also for the live rituals (in which they are a quintet with the multi-instrumentalist Mavrofos as vocalist), have summoned, with the auspices of their compatriot label and store Kvlt, their second album: "Saatanalle".