Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rienaus - "Saatanalle" (Kvlt, 2017)

Band: Rienaus
Title: Saatanalle
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 26th May 2017
Time: 37 min
Rating: 81/100

In your opinion, what is the genre played by a band called Rienaus (Finnish for "blasphemy") and whose new album, presented with a cover artwork where you can see a cold and winterly landscape, is titled "Saatanalle" ("To Satan", simply)? Mmmh...but BLACK METAL, without any fuckin' doubts! In fact, Rienaus are a band so well respected in the underground Finnish black metal scene to be appeared into "The Devil's Cradle", the book, written by the journalist Tero Ikäheimonen and released recently by Svart Records, dedicated, indeed, to the black metal of the Finnish lands, that I'm reading in these days. So, Rienaus, born in 2008 initially as a one-man band of Mavrofos that is helped now by some session musicians for the studio releases but also for the live rituals (in which they are a quintet with the multi-instrumentalist Mavrofos as vocalist), have summoned, with the auspices of their compatriot label and store Kvlt, their second album: "Saatanalle".