Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hak-Ed Damm - "Holocaust Over Dresden" (Satanath Records/Death Portal Studio, 2017)

Band: Hak-Ed Damm
Title: Holocaust Over Dresden
Genre: Brutal Black Metal
Year: 26th November 2017
Time: 43 min
Rating: 85/100

You know, Canada is a promised land for the most extreme metal bands, and this starting from even Exciter, that attacked in 1983 the rules of the traditional heavy metal with their raw fast assault forever immortalized into their now classic debut album. In fact, today I'll review a band that completely respect the tradition of the Canadian slaughter metal: Hak-Ed Damm (Hebrew for "field of blood"). Born in 2007, they released in the end of 2017 a killing second album called "Holocaust Over Dresden". Considered by them as a concept-album about World War II so to reveal the "bestial nature of man and atrocities commited in this period", its title refers to the apocalyptic and terrible bombing of Dresden between 13td to 15th February of 1945, very criticized today because this German city wasn't a really important strategic objective for the Allies.