Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mascharat - "Mascharat" (Seance Records, 2017)

Band: Mascharat
Title: Mascharat
Genre: Black Metal
Time: 50 min
Year: 15th September 2017
Rating: 84/100

I don't know who is behind the mysterious Italian band Mascharat but I know that the Aussie label Seance Records have did a good deal to release their debut album with the same name! I am saying this not only for the quality of music but also because the album is strongly Italian in its entirety. In fact, "Mascharat" is a concept album about the story of a man that repudiates his Christian convictions and values in order to search the Truth with the "help" of three joking and cruel masks of the Venetian Carnival tradition (it isn't a case if "Mascharat" means "joke" or "prank" in Arabic but it is also similar to the Italian word for "mask" that is "maschera"!). All this story is sang in Italian as well in a Northern Italy dialect and even in French (in "Medecin de Peste", at least) through 9 tracks (4 of them are instrumental, included intro and outro), in which there is a sound dubbed by the label as "Renaissance Black Metal", in according to the particular lyrics.