Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gravestone: video for "Proud to be Dead"!

Ultimately, I received the news from Marco Borrani, from the Roman progressive deathsters Gravestone, that his band made a video for "Proud to Be Dead", the titletrack of their EP released in 2017 through the US label Sliptrick Records. The following is the link to watch the video through YouTube:

Cruentator - "Ain't War Hell?" (Xtreem Music, 2018)

Band: Cruentator
Title: Ain't War Hell?
Genre: Brutal Thrash Metal
Year: 10th January 2018
Time: 32 min
Rating: 77/100

...and finally, today I am going to review, for the very first time, an album released in 2018, not in 2017...and it was fuckin' time! "Ain't War Hell?" is this first 2018 album on these pages and the band that realized it, under the auspices of the Dave Rotten's label Xtreem Music, is Cruentator. Coming from the beautiful Italian city of Como, Cruentator features members (Riccardo and Omar, drummer and guitarist respectively) and ex-members (the singer Ambro) from the gore brutal death metal band Bowel Stew, so we're talking about musicians with a lot of experience in the extreme metal scene. Well, with "Ain't War Hell?", they realized an album that perfectly sounds as its cover artwork, which, made by the talented artist from Indonesia Five Miligrams, is one of best artworks that I've ever seen in these last times! And believe me that the sound by Cruentator is terribly sanguinary, a real...MERCILESS EXTERMINATION!