Sunday, April 14, 2019

Teleport+Assumption+Ekpyrosis+Ferum+Bedsore (Rome, 5th April 2019)

Bands: Teleport/Assumption/Ekpyrosis/Ferum/Bedsore
Date: 5th April 2019
Location: Trecentosessanta gradi
Price: 10 €

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WARNING! On 24th March 2019 my book about the first wave of black metal has been finally released! It's called "Nel Segno del Marchio Nero" ("in the sign of the black mark") and it cover a long period from 1981 to 1991. Completely in Italian, click on this link if you want to order it. You'll read 372 full of interesting informations, trivia, reviews and many more!


As I anticipated in Live Gigs of the Week #4, on 5th April 2019 there was at 360 a death metal night mandatory for every maniac of this genre. In fact, the bill was very interesting since there were 4 Italian bands with, at times, an excellent reputation in the underground death metal scene. In addition, the headlining band, Teleport, came from abroad, exactly from Slovenia, and I have already to confess that they surprised me a lot as I never could imagine! But now what's about the entire show?