Saturday, August 11, 2018

The story of the Proto-Speed/Thrash Metal PART IV

Hey brutalbangers,
after many many months from the third part of the proto-speed/thrash metal story, here you are finally the 4th part, where we'll face the gestures of the fastest bands that released their albums in 1983, that's the year in which the thrash metal genre was officially founded by Metallica and Slayer.

I advise you that this 4th part is a little bit particular because I have divided it in two articles. Additionally, every band will be faced in a faster way, in according to the more direct and shorter reviews that I am writing ultimately. The reason of all these decisions is that there are now a lot of bands around the world to talk about, otherwise this part could be an endless and boring mega-article.

So, I hope you liked also this part...and I hope I'll write the 5th one as soon as possible (FUCK, I started this story one year ago and I have still to finish it!)!