Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Grimorium Verum - "Opus Delusion Intravenous" (2018)

Band: Grimorium Verum
Upcoming album: Opus Delusion Intravenous
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Rating: 72/100

Have you ever been in Bangladesh? I am asking this to you because today we'll do a short but exciting journey into the Bengal extreme metal scene through a very interesting band. It's named Grimorium Verum after the notorious magical book with the same name. The story of this band is really tormented like in few other cases: in fact, they were founded in August 2009, and in the 2018 they finally released only in the Internet 4 new songs that don't form a real demo but will be included into their upcoming debut album titled "Opus Delusion Intravenous". This means that the cover artwork that you see above belongs to that album. Anyway, before these new tracks, Grimorium Verum only participated in two compilations titled "Metal Domination Vol. 1" (2010; the first compilation of all time focused on the Bengal bands) and the more international "Luxury of Pain" (2014), contributing, in each of them, with an only number. As you see, this is a very scarce discography but, at least, this quintet played in some local festivals throughout their still young career, so they gained a good underground reputation within their country with the result to be recognized as an important extreme metal band in the South Bangladesh. But now few bullshits and let's see how these 4 songs are good!