Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ruach Raah/Wømb - "Perpetual Commitment to Death" (Purodium Rekords/War Arts Productions, 2016)

Bands: Ruach Raah/Wømb
Title: Perpetual Commitment to Death
Genre: Crust Punkish Black Metal
Year: 15th November 2016
Time: 17 min
Rating: 65/100



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Ultimately Portugal is becoming the true cradle of the sickest black metal due to bands like Black Cilice, Morte Incandescente, Mons Veneris, Candelabrum and many others. So, today this zine will enter the ultra-misanthropic realm of this scene to talk you about an all Portuguese split-cassette titled “Perpetual Commitment to Death”, where there are the infamous gestures of two young bands: Ruach Raah, of which I adored their fantastic debut album named “Hate Fanaticism” (2015); and Wømb, a mysterious duo (or, at least, it looks so) with a discography comprised of only demos and splits. So, here you are this feral production released by Purodium Rekords in unholy cooperation with War Arts Productions, both Portuguese labels!