Friday, March 22, 2013

Interview to Wulfshon!

Hi guys! Soon after the review of their debut album, here you are the interview to Wulfshon!

1)      Hi guys! Is it all okay? Let’s start the interview with this curiosity: the band exists since 2004 but the debut album has been published only after 7 years, that is a long lapse of time. Are there particular reasons behind this fact?

     Since 2004 until 2008, Wulfshon was a solo project. In this period Matias was devoted to finding a personal sound, which was manifested in the first and only solo EP titled "Awaiting the Ragnarök". After this stage of the search, in 2009, Wulfshon is formed as a band and released a second EP "UUulfsson".

2)      As you said, Wulfshon was originally a solo – project of Matias Taubas Oyola. Hence, what were the original intentions? And how was the Wulfshon’s music in its early days?

The original intention was to create a unique project, where you can capture sounds and ideas yet unexplored in Latin America.
The “old” sound of  Wulfshon was deeply rooted to symphonic black metal and death metal from Gothenburg, thematically inspired by the Scandinavian viking metal.

3)      Your music is a melodic black/death metal with acoustic parts and some clean vocals. The solos are few and there is a good balance between the fast and slower tempos. Are you agreed? What are your influences? For you, what are the better features of your sound?

What Wulfshon is looking for is to lead music into the fields where the lyric proposal moves. In this case we believe that we give to our songs what they need to be a realization of our creativity. The music flows, no matter if there is one guitar solo, many or none.

4)      “Son ov Wolves” is an unique song, considering its combination between epic melodies and very wicked riffs. Besides, it is both the faster and shorter song of the album. So, do you want to talk about this track?

In “Son ov Wolves”  we try to capture an idea particularly, and it is precisely why the song is short and straight. That’s all it takes to be what it is.

5)      I observed that the album has been divided in two parts. As I said in the review, the differences between them are few, included for example the songs’ length. Why is it so?

In “Prinnit Mittilagart” songs are happening according to the stories as they come. There is a musical and lyrical relationship between a song and another, this is what makes the album flow from beginning to end like a single story.

6)      What are your lyrical themes? I would like to know the meaning of the album title… is it in German?

Our lyrics are our  holistic view on the social and cultural aspects of mankind. Here we use the symbols of  Nordic/German mythology to capture certain concepts. Prinnit Mittilagart” is written in Old High German and means “Midgard Burns”, which alludes to Ragnarök in a symbolic way. For us this means basically the eternal cycle of the spirit.

7)      It’s strange that a South – American band uses Nordic/German symbolism for its lyrics. Do you want to explain this particular choice? Aren’t you interested to the American culture?

We are very interested in world culture in general, but in this case we used the Nordic/Germanic symbols because we were drawn to its origin, which are the source of much of the European civilization. Without neglecting the great influence on musical issues of part of their culture.

8)      The cover artwork is very curious, don’t you think? What is the connection between that… alien face and the lyrics?

The album cover represents the transcendence of the spirit, the awakening of consciousness of being. The culmination of a long journey, the end of an era and the beginning of another.
The eternal transformation of everything. The junction between the inner consciousness and the cosmic consciousness.

9)      Do you want to tell me about the recordings of your second album? Is it at a good point? How will be it?

We are designing this new work. It promises to be something unique in style. Will give much to talk about.

10)  I don’t know very much the Argentinian metal scene, except few bands like Sublevels or Infernal Curse. How is it? Is it well – supported by the media, the critics etc…? Do you want to spread some names of good local bands?

The scene in Argentina began in the early 80's, from that time until today, always remained  underground. Today we highlight the extreme metal scene with bands like Mortuorial Eclipse, Amoklauf, Prion, Bloodfiend and  Eternal Grave, among others.
With respect to the local media, they have always supported us since our inception.

11)  Okay, the review is finishing. Now you’re free to say anything you want.

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