Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sodomized Cadaver/Sudden Death/A Taste of Fear (Rome, 18th March 2018)

Bands: Sodomized Cadaver/Sudden Death/A Taste of Fear
Location: Traffic Live Club, Rome
Date: 18th March 2018

After a lot of fuckin' time, there is a new LIVE REPORT on these brutal pages! I think that I couldn't choose for a better live gig than the one that I attended on 18th March 2018 at Traffic Live Club in Rome to write a new article of this kind! In fact, today you will read the demented deeds of three bands: A Taste of Fear, Sudden Death (both comes from the area of Rome) and Sodomized Cadaver from Wales! The Welsh madmen, just along with the first two aforementioned bands, have ended an Italian mini-tour from 16th to 18th March in which they terrorized places like Cassano d'Adda (near Milan) and Pescara with the final date in Rome Caput Mundi. And believe me that their tour has been ended in the right way through a totally bestial show!