Monday, December 30, 2019

Enon Chapel - "Enon Chapel" (Acephale Winter Productions, 2019)

Band: Enon Chapel
Title: Enon Chapel
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Time: 27.21 min
Release Date: 1st February 2019
Vote: 76/100

In these last days I realized that many US bands recently hosted on these putrid pages, like Pestilent Death, Atrament and Mudface, comes curiously from the sunny California. Well, also Enon Chapel, that I am going to present you today, comes from California but even from Michigan. Specifically, they are a duo founded in 2018 and composed of the multi-instrumentalist Balan and the singer/lead guitarist Meghan Wood, both very active with other projects. Under the moniker of Enon Chapel, they released an intriguing EP with the same title (that the Italian agency Anubi Press sent me some time ago) and edited by the small US label Acephale Winter Productions. After many listening sessions, I've to say that it's a shame that this label produced "Enon Chapel" in only 50 copies because I must anticipate already that it's so good it deserves attention from plenty of maniacs of the most cursed kind of metal out there: black metal!