Thursday, March 12, 2020

No Look City - "No Look City" (Self-released, 2020)

Band: No Look City
Title: Blindness
Genre: Hardcore Punk/Metalcore
Time: 10.38 min
Release date: 4th March 2020
Vote: 89/100

What happened to the music and the message that I love?” H20 – What happened

Can 10 minutes shake up the entire hardcore punk scene? Sure they can! Cause what matters most is quality not quantity. To be honest I am that kind of person who likes old bands and who’s always questioning new stuff because, as H20’ve said in one song, I got the impression that over time, the true spirit of punk and hardcore got lost. And it’s all related: attitude, thoughts, messages to convey, and most important thing: priorities. That’s right, cause in punk there are a few things which are very important, such as the spirit, the attitude, the way of life. And often happens not to see these fundamental elements anymore in a hardcore band. And above all, it is rare to bring out an original sound!