Monday, June 3, 2019

Harmdaud - "Skärvor" (Art Gates Records, 2019)

Band: Harmdaud
Title: Skärvor
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Time: 47.00 min
Release Date: 22nd February 2019
Rating: 84/100

In the meantime that I'm waiting for other interesting promo kits from Art Gates Records, this review is about an album that this Spanish label sent me some months ago. The title of this album is "Skärvor" and the band is called Harmdaud. For the truth, we are talking about a Swedish one-man band guided by Andreas Stenlund that, with "Skärvor", published his second album under the moniker of Harmdaud, a word in Swedish language that stands, in according to an interview I read, for "death of sorrow" or for "death by sorrow". And now let me say that we are in presence of a very good black metal album!