Monday, May 29, 2017

Indemnity - "Bloody Minded Bullet Headed" (Art Gates Records, 2017)

Band: Indemnity
Title: Bloody Minded Bullet Headed
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 28th April 2017
Time: 21 min
Rating: 72/100

As you some of you knows, sometimes I have fun to do series of reviews focused, for example, on a specific genre. In this way, I can understand the differences between two or more bands, and just this happens today with the Belgian quintet Indemnity, very different from the previous band I reviewed, the Finns Foreseen, despite both plays the same genre, the thrashcore. But I need to write this review also because it is the first time, after some years, that I'll tell you again about an album released by the Spanish label Art Gates Records, once a regular fixture on these pages (please click on the tag relating to this label, if you want to know more). But the strange thing is that, despite Indemnity were born on 2005, they are a band so very little prolific that even they joked about this posting a self-deprecating meme on their FB page! In fact, before their now very fresh "Bloody Minded Bullet Headed", they have realized only two demos and a debut album in 2013 but considered by Metal-Archives as a third demo. But now stop with these bullshits and see what Indemnity have to offers to us this time!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Foreseen - "Grave Danger" (20 Buck Spin/Svart Records, 2017)

Band: Foreseen
Title: Grave Danger
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 21st April 2017 (20 Buck Spin)/24th April 2017 (Svart Records)
Time: 28 min
Rating: 86/100

Today I'll tell you about a Finnish band that was recently even in the United States for a tour started in 21st April and ended 7th May along with a support band like the young crossover thrashers Red Dead, from Washington, D.C.. I am talking about Foreseen, a fantastic quintet born on 2010 at Helsinki that did the aforementioned tour to promote their very fresh second album "Grave Danger", released by the American 20 Buck Spin in collaboration with the Finnish Svart Records in order to cover also the European market. So, here you are an album seriously exciting that lasts only 28 minutes per 8 ultra-intense tracks!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Ultimately exalted by the debut album of this Panamanian cult named Abatuar, some days ago I contacted via FaceBook its mastermind Cadaver for a very good interview. He is a very enthusiastic person and metalhead also because he runs a little label called PUS Records specialized in the extreme metal from Central American countries like El Salvador and Panama, as you will see reading this interview.
It's a shame that the extreme scene from these lands is almost unknown for the metalheads from the rest of the world considering it is perfect for every fanatic of the most violent, raw and chaotic forms of metal but, fortunately, bands of this kind like Abatuar are supported even by a European label as Dunkelheit Produktionen.
But now no other bullshits, and let Cadaver do the talking!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Black Faith - "Nightscapes" (Throats Productions, 2017)

Band: Black Faith
Title: Nightscapes
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 21st January 2017
Time: 67 min
Rating: 87/100

After 4 years since their excellent debut album "Jubilate Diabolo", the Italians Black Faith are back with their second effort "Nightscapes", preceded by the curious single "La Preda" (2014), containing the cover of a song with the same title of the historic Italian rock band Litfiba, surely a strange way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a black metal band! But don't worry because Black Faith remains "black" by name and by music also because with "Nightscapes", released by the Mexican label Throats Productions, they have a lot of hardship inviting numerous and even distinguished guests coming from the Italian black metal scene. The result of all these efforts is an album so traditionalist in the sound to be very ambitious also because "Nightscapes" is a journey that lasts 67 minutes per 11 various songs.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Death Worship - "Extermination Mass" (Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2017)

Band: Death Worship
Title: Extermination Mass
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 4th November 2017(first edition)/20th February 2017 (second edition)
Time: 19 min
Rating: 75/100

It's incredible but the almighty Blasphemy, also if they are alive and always on the warpath, don't realize something new since their long-awaited reunion happened in 1999, when this legendary band became a quintet due to the addition as a stable member of Ryan Förster of Conqueror fame, now known with the moniker Deathlörd of Abomination and War Apocalypse. Just he gave birth in 2013 to his no compromise creature named Death Worship. After 3 years of gestation, the usual Nuclear War Now! Prod has released in the previous year, reissueing it recently with a new cover artwork, the debut EP of Death Worship titled "Extermination Mass", a new manifest devoted completely to the verb of Blasphemy. This is due also because their same singer, Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds, helped Ryan with some vocals and effects while you can find as a session drummer nothing else than James Read of Conqueror/Revenge fame. At this point, you could say that Conqueror, formed in fact by the duo Förster/Read, are back with Death Worship. But this is a total new adventure, and, with 3 artists of this kind involved in it, "Extermination Mass" is a carpet bombardment like few others!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Abatuar - Perversiones de muerte putrefacta" (Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2017)

Band: Abatuar
Title: Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta
Genre: Black/Death Metal with Grindcore/Noise elements
Year: 1st April 2017
Time: 30 min
Rating: 80/100

Extreme metal from Panama? Oh yeah!!! Panama, evidently, has it own extreme metal scene and, in a certain sense, it has been recently discovered by Dunkelheit Produktionen, a German label known into the underground for its support to ultra-extreme and rotten metal bands coming often from exotic countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and, indeed, Panama. So, it's needles to say but "rotten" is a term very perfect to describe the debut album titled "Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta" by Abatuar ("slaughterhouse" in Spanish). This is the solo-project, born in 2013, of Cadaver, a singer/drummer helped for this production (preceded by a compilation edited in 2015 by Dunkelheit where there are the two previous demos of the band) by two session musicians; Tony Freire (rhythmic guitar/bass) and Jr. Sucre (lead guitar), spewing forth one of the most heinous and crazy albums of this 2017...nay, of all times!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Holocausto - "War Metal Massacre" (Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2017)

Band: Holocausto
Title: War Metal Massacre
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Time: 23 min
Year: 5th March 2017
Rating: 70/100

The Brazilians Holocausto, one of the very first true progenitors of the so-called "war metal", are back with a very very special mini-album! Recorded with the same identical line-up of their seminal "Campo de Exterminio" (Cogumelo Records, 1987), "War Metal Massacre" represents for Holocausto a decisive return to the raw style with which they are now very known and respected into the underground before they abandoned it to embrace various styles ranging from a more standard thrash metal to thrashcore through unrecognizable experimentations like "Negatives". To emphasize this welcome return to the roots, Holocausto have even re-recorded 3 their very old songs: "Massacre" taken directly from their 1985 demo with the same name (!), and "Destruição Nuclear" and "Escarro Napalm" from the fundamental "Warfare Noise Vol.1" compilation edited by Cogumelo in 1986 (!!). Now, if the first part of "War Metal Massacre" is composed of the aforementioned numbers, its second one consists completely of new songs. I have already to say that, among the innumerable returns of more or less old glories from the past happened in these last years, "War Metal Massacre" is surely one of the most surprising ones!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Nekro Drunkz - "Lavatory Carnage" (Moribund Records, 2016)

Band: Nekro Drunkz
Title: Lavatory Carnage
Genre: Death/Grindcore with Thrashy elements
Year: 26th August 2016
Time: 23 min
Rating: 74/100

Here you are another grindcore band and another album reviewed a bit out of time since the day of release of "Lavatory Carnage", third studio album by Nekro Drunkz, two total madmen coming from the most nauseating sewers of Oregon. I follow their abominable gestures since the excellent sophomore album titled "Absolute Filth" (Moribund Records, 2015), containing even 33 tracks included a cover of the infamous The Mentors, with which Nekro Drunkz have released recently a split for Hells Headbangers Records. Well, these self-proclaimed "Tyrants of the Toilet Music" are back in 2016 with "Lavatory Carnage", another good album also if it is comprised of only 18 songs.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Agathocles - "Commence to Mince" (Selfmadegod Records, 2016)

Band: Agathocles
Title: Commence to Mince
Genre: Anarcho-Grindcore
Year: 15th September 2016
Time: 34 min
Rating: 73/100

When I talk with my friends about Agathocles, the conversation becomes a total delirium. In fact, it's incredible the ability of this legendary Belgian trio to spew forth many releases every fuckin' year, remaining also very faithful to their kind of music since the early '90s but, at the same time, losing nothing about the fury, the impact and the strong anarchist militancy of their early days. If it wasn't enough, this is confirmed again by the 13th album titled "Commence to Mince", the new "Mincecore" manifest released by a Polish label like Selfmadegod Records, totally fit to support the "campaign for musical destruction" made by Agathocles.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ritualization - "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Ritualization
Album: Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss
Genre: Death Metal with Black Metal elements
Year: 13th February 2017
Time: 43 min
Rating: 89/100

VIVE LA FRANCE! France is living today a death metal explosion with a bunch of fantastic bands but I said this some months ago in occasion of my review about Venefixion. These Ritualization are a fundamental part of this explosion also because, in a certain sense, they have anticipated it being formed even in 2006. Despite this and after changing their logo (now their logo is truly amazing!), they released only recenlty their debut album, besides through the German Iron Bonehead Prod with the cover artwork made with the sulphur by Chris Moyen aka Thorncross. And do you know what I think? That these 11 long years into the ranks were very useful to Ritualization to create slowly their own sound and their own loyal following for an incredible ballsy album! If all the bands could have this kind of mentality instead than recording the debut album after only 6 months of existence, I think this world would be a better place to live haha!