Friday, May 26, 2017

Foreseen - "Grave Danger" (20 Buck Spin/Svart Records, 2017)

Band: Foreseen
Title: Grave Danger
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 21st April 2017 (20 Buck Spin)/24th April 2017 (Svart Records)
Time: 28 min
Rating: 86/100

Today I'll tell you about a Finnish band that was recently even in the United States for a tour started in 21st April and ended 7th May along with a support band like the young crossover thrashers Red Dead, from Washington, D.C.. I am talking about Foreseen, a fantastic quintet born on 2010 at Helsinki that did the aforementioned tour to promote their very fresh second album "Grave Danger", released by the American 20 Buck Spin in collaboration with the Finnish Svart Records in order to cover also the European market. So, here you are an album seriously exciting that lasts only 28 minutes per 8 ultra-intense tracks!

After the debut "Helsinki Savagery" released in 2014, Foreseen, since the chaotic opening track "Violent Discipline", show to be again excellent smugglers of a lunatic thrashcore characterized by the incredibly corrosive and wild vocals of Mirko Nummelin that, reinforced principally by some violent gang choruses, represents surely one of the main points of force of the band, along with the uncontrollable drummer Mårten Gustafsson. The various songs are hysterical but also very dynamic having even some slow tempos preceded by some abrupt and ultra-devastating fast passages (like in the scrappy "Chemical Heritage"). At the same time, Foreseen show also to have a very good inventiveness.
At this point, there is need to say that the band present here and there clear influences from the classic heavy metal, perceptible, for example, into the excellent instrumental finale in mid-tempo of "Fearmonger" or in some solos with a good melodic taste ("Government Cuts"). In addition of this, Foreseen are able to alternate their own demented assault with more "reflexive" songs. So, here you are "Bloodline", all dominated by a tough mid-tempo with heavy metal influences and where Mirko give to the listeners a vocal performance more acid than the usual. And here you are the same "Government Cuts", a 5 minute-song that starts with a mid-tempo destined to be getting faster before to slowdown in a slow instrumental passage for a finale full of voices in a TV news-style. Ended "Government Cuts", there are the mega-ferocious 90 seconds of "Suicide Bomber" completed by the final mangled scream of the singer, surely a perfect way to close with the fireworks this new effort by Foreseen.
In brief, we are in presence of a fantastic album! Its production is crystalline and powerful without to be mainstream while every song hit the listeners with remarkable violence and inventiveness and, in my opinion, the titletrack (curiously, here Mirko use a more screeching vocal style à la Tom Araya) is the only episode a bit underwhelming of "Grave Danger". Maybe the lenght of the album is a bit too short but we mustn't forget that the spirit of Foreseen belongs to the '80s, a period where very intense and short albums like "Reign in Blood" by Slayer dominated the scene. Finally, I have to say that the album has the curious feature that many songs are connected between them (like "Violent Discipline" with "Chemical Heritage"). Said all this, if you want a ballsy thrashcore that combines Municipal Waste and Crumbsuckers with Slayer drizzled with some '80s heavy metal robust influences, then you will be blown away by "Grave Danger"!


1 - Violent Discipline
2 - Chemical Heritage
3 - Fearmonger
4 - Bloodline
5 - Downward Spiral
6 - Grave Danger
7 - Government Cuts
8 - Suicide Bomber


Mirko Nummelin - vocals
Erkka Korpi - guitars
Lauri Martiskainen - guitars
Tatu Kuisma - bass
Mårten Gustafsson - drums

20 Buck Spin:
Svart Records:

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