Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards - "Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards" (DIY co-production, 2017)

Bands: Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards
Title: Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards
Genre: Grindcore/Power Violence
Time: 8.46 min
Release Date: 2017
Rating: 71/100

Explosive split EP between two devastating bands belonging to the most violent hardcore punk spectrum. The first one is called Herida Profunda and, despite their moniker (that stands for "deep wound" in Spanish), comes from Poland, even though one of their members comes from UK. Instead, the other group is called Hello Bastards, that are 3 UK vegan and straight-edge gentlemen, without the bassplayer, coming from London. Their split is really explicit starting from its cover artwork, that present a strong message against the nationalistic, racist and xenophobic deviations arising in these last years.