Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kinestence - "Transmutation" (Self-released, 2019)

Band: Kinestence
Title: Transmutation
Genre: Industrial Death Metal
Time: 14.51 min
Release date: 19th March 2019
Rating: 64/100

Fuck, I could consider myself as an expert of the Polish extreme metal in a way better than a Polish metalhead such are the albums that I regularly receive from Poland haha! In fact, after Warfist, here you are another band coming from that country. Its name is Kinestence and is a trio whose singer Sebastian "Sirius" SyroczyƄski has already been known on these putrid pages thanks to his militancy in the brutal/grindsters Gnida. Well, he and his two comrades Wojtek Dmochovski and Jarek Myszkowski decided just year to give birth to this strange creature called Kinestence, self-releasing in March 2019, in a nice CD digipack format in my possession, a 3-track demo that, distributed by Mythrone Promotion, isn't absolutely perfect but presents an interesting mix of styles that will surely likes to everyone into experimental stuff.