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Kinestence - "Transmutation" (Self-released, 2019)

Band: Kinestence
Title: Transmutation
Genre: Industrial Death Metal
Time: 14.51 min
Release date: 19th March 2019
Rating: 64/100

Fuck, I could consider myself as an expert of the Polish extreme metal in a way better than a Polish metalhead such are the albums that I regularly receive from Poland haha! In fact, after Warfist, here you are another band coming from that country. Its name is Kinestence and is a trio whose singer Sebastian "Sirius" Syroczyński has already been known on these putrid pages thanks to his militancy in the brutal/grindsters Gnida. Well, he and his two comrades Wojtek Dmochovski and Jarek Myszkowski decided just year to give birth to this strange creature called Kinestence, self-releasing in March 2019, in a nice CD digipack format in my possession, a 3-track demo that, distributed by Mythrone Promotion, isn't absolutely perfect but presents an interesting mix of styles that will surely likes to everyone into experimental stuff.

More specifically, we are in presence of a band playing basically a mixture between death metal and industrial, a genre well present in the work of Jarek, who makes futuristic the entire music of Kinestence thanks to his syntesizers and cyber effects. This basic formula has been enriched by the as always intelligible growling vocals of Sirius, by various influences coming, for example, from thrash metal, hardcore punk and even rock music, and by the good guitar solos of Wojtek, that programmed also the drum-machine. Oh yes, you know I HATE the drum-machine with all of my heart (and you know that I repeat this thing in every occasion I have hehe!) but this time I must confess that it has been well programmed and also sounds in a credible way, so I can't feel so much the absence of a real drummer.

Now there is need to discover a curious feature of "Transmutation" since I realized that it is always faster song after song. In fact, the demo, instead of starting violent as it should be for a (industrial) death metal release, opens with a mid-tempo track as "Black Cube Snake God". Then, there is "Digital Hypnosis", in which you'll find some fast parts because of death/thrash as well little hardcore punk influences. Finally, the last song, the same titletrack, extremizes the speed skills of Kinestence by spitting out even blast-beats from time to time, despite its final moments characterized by a more melodic mid-tempo full of rockish tunes.

But unfortunately, I think that "Transmutation" could be better than now because its songs, even they are good, have some flaws. In this sense, "Black Cube Snake God" is really perfect until the reprise of the main riff, that's totally useless for me. Instead, "Digital Hypnosis" (released also as a lyric video) has some lenghty solutions that slow downs too much its discourse. And the same titletrack is almost a too regular death metal song because, in it, the contribution of the futuristic elements are, in practice, irrelevant.
To say the truth, also "Digital Hypnosis", in some ways, seem to be almost regular if compared with "Black Cube Snake God", which is the most special track of the demo without any doubts (also because it completely lacks of any guitar solos), and this is due also to a strong presence of the futuristic elements while the rest of the songs observes more the classic extreme metal standards. That's why, going very beyond my usual (violent) preferences, "Black Cube Snake God" is paradoxically my favorite track, also despite its disputable end.

All in all, "Transmutation" is really interesting but good and effective until at a certain point. So, my suggestions to the band are the following: restart from your most experimental track, "Black Cube Snake God", for your next releases to come; and develop better the futuristic elements, also by using the synthesizers in a more melodic (and not only atmospheric) way, even in order to personalizes in a more prominent way your industrial death metal. And I hope also that Kinestence will play live one day or another since, if I am not mistaken, they are only now a studio-project. But Kinestence is still a very young project, so let them grow in a good time as it should be.

1 - Black Cube Snake God
2 - Digital Hypnosis
3 - Transmutation


Sebastian "Sirius" Syroczyński - vocals
Wojtek Dmochowski - guitars/bass/drum programming
Jarek Myszkowski - keyboards/synthesizers/sampling/effects

Mythrone Promotion:

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