Friday, July 31, 2020

Cruentus - "Fake" (Triple A Events Records, 2019)

Band: Cruentus
Title: Fake
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal with some Technical tunes
Time: 37.54 min
Release date: 15th October 2019
Vote: 75/100

Fuck, I received this album in physical format in December 2019 from the Italian promotion agency Frantic Mule but only in these days I found the time to listen to it! So, I'm sorry with Frantic Mule for this enormous delay but, finally, here you are the review about "Fake"! This is the second album of a historic Italian band from Apulia called Cruentus, a quintet that was born in the very far 1989 and whose main core since its early times is composed of the guitarist and founder Antonello Maggi, the singer Nicola Bavaro (that had experiences also in acts of the calibre of Schizo and Glacial Fear) and the bassplayer Adriano Boghetich. But the story of Cruentus is a bit special because, in brief, they are so unprolific that their previous (and first) album, "In Myself", was published even in 1996, so they took all the time in the world to work on "Fake"! Now let's see how they took advantage from these 23 years!