Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I Maiali - "Cvlto" (OverDub Recordings, 2019)

Band: I Maiali
Title: Cvlto
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Noise
Time: 29.08 min
Release Date: 22nd March 2019
Vote: 73/100

Hey brutalbangers,
this is the first review written on this 'zine by Marta Rose, a punk girl and a friend of mine that, one month ago circa, asked me if she could write something for my 'zine. Well, I accepted her proposal without any doubts, so I sent her the first album of I Maiali, a post-hardcore band from Rome whose "Cvlto" was released by OverDub Recordings, a label already known on these pages thanks to my recent reviews about Fankàz and Bioscrape. I think that her first review is very good but let's stop this chitchat and please start to read it. Enjoy!