Friday, September 1, 2017

Nebrus - "Exta Malorvm" (Razed Soul Productions, 2016)

Band: Nebrus
Title: Exta Malorvm
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 4th November 2017
Time: 45 min circa
Rating: 88/100

The month of August, due to the Summer and other involvements, has been a period very relaxed and lack of activities for this 'zine, ergo I hope to update constantly it for the next months to come. But I think that an album such as "Exta Malorvm" of Nebrus, a Tuscanian duo guided since 2008 by the female vocalist Noctuaria and by the multi-instrumentalist Mortifero (also creator of the logo of this band), is completely perfect to celebrate the revival of the activities of this 'zine. Originally conceived like a black/doom metal band, Nebrus have contacted me 3 months ago circa to review, indeed, their second album "Exta Malorvm", released now one year ago through the US label Razed Soul Productions. And I'm telling you right that these two Italians demons have impressed me a lot with it!