Live gigs in Rome

This is the section dedicated to the next live gigs/festivals of extreme metal and hardcore punk in and around my city, Rome. The reason why there are only the gigs in my area is because it's more possible that I'll review them through a live report. But also because I want let to know the Roman punk and metal scene to everybody interested in it.
Obviously, this long list, that comprehend gigs with International as well National and local bands, is in a continuous update, so I'll keep it as complete as possible. And I hope that it will be useful for everybody of you.


27/02 - Krav Boca+Taste the Floor @ CSOA Strike
29/02 - Underball @ Wishlist
29/02 - Affluente+I Maiali+Defezione+Kleptocrazia @ Punkrazio (Pomezia)


03/03 - Mazebrain+Reapter+Sumera @ Traffic
05/03 - Dr. Gore+Whiskey & Funeral+Grimace Gall @ Traffic
06/03 - Esoteric+Naga+(Echo) @ Traffic
07/03 - Misantropus+The Ossuary @ Freak Out (Latina)
07/03 - Shockpropf+Under Siege @ MenteLocale (Palestrina)
13/03 - Kaosforcause+RFC+Klaxon+AtarassiaGröp @ CSOA Acrobax
14/03 - Costruito nella Capitale Fest (HC punk fest with Milizia HC as headliners) CSOA eXSnia
18/03 - Venom Inc.+Karmian+Jumpscare @ Traffic
19/03 - Sick Times+Education @ CSOA Strike
21/03 - Temple of Deimos+I Maiali+Voidwatcher @ Defrag
29/03 - Tankard+Game Over+Reverber @ Traffic

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