Friday, February 5, 2021

Amphist - "Eschaton" (DIY Co-production, 2020)

Title: Eschaton
Genre: Crust Punk/D-Beat
Time: 35.58 min
Release date: 21st September 2020
Vote: 85/100

Hey crust punk maniacs,
our beloved Francesco Bazzurri, after Culto del Cargo, reviews today another album in the sign of the crust punk/d-beat: "Eschaton" by Amphist.
A quintet coming from Naples, in Southern Italy, Amphist were featured in "Come on, burn my ears! #12" after I was received their album from Calimocho DIY, one of the labels that released it (they are too many to be all mentionable but some of them are Bologna Punx and Pirate Crew Records, already known on these putrid pages).
There is also to say that Amphist are a well-known band in the Italian hardcore punk underground, and it isn't a case if they played also in my Rome 2 years ago, in a night full of interesting acts like Ira, Fuoco (RIP) and Greve. Unfortunately, I didn't attend that gig.
And now, let's start to read this awesome review by Francesco!

Post-apocalyptic movies
always fascinate me, in particular some italian works like "Bronx Warriors" or "The New Barbarians", both directed by the great Enzo. G. Castellari. Dark and raw stories speaking about a violent and degraded human race, telling a future without hope and a total destruction of entire civilization. If I must choose the right soundtrack for this film genre, the album “Eschaton” from Amphist band would be the right choice. Directly from southern Italy these guys play a solid crust punk/d-beat with death metal and post-metal influences, telling the ruins of a world where Void triumphs, directly brought by the long wave of chaos and where civilization is only a pale memory while night of reason moves toward a battered earth. Ten well performed tracks making completely the idea of a strange eschatology.